Congressional district map

Hanna Asmerom and Elle Myers

District 24

Jan McDowell (D)
Dallas Democrat Jan McDowell supports gun control and free access to abortion. She said she hopes to protect the environment and accept, with regulation, as many immigrants as possible into the country.

Beth Van Duyne (R)
Beth Van Duyne is the former mayor of Irving. Through her previous experience of “defeat[ing] government corruption,” Van Duyne said she hopes to remove “criminal aliens,” encourage job growth and protect North Texans.



District 33

Jasmine Crockett (D)
An attorney and representative in the Texas House, Jasmine Crockett is running for United States Congress. Crockett said she hopes to be a fighter for the nation while upholding basic democratic principles and promoting the freedom of the American people.

James Rodgers (R)
Baylor alum Dr. James Rodgers said he will use his expertise in education to build school innovation. Rodgers said the backbone of Texas was built on legal immigration, and he hopes to secure the border by the use of border personnel and a zero-tolerance policy toward human trafficking.



District 30

Colin Allred (D)

Born and raised in the 32nd District of North Texas, Colin Allred is the district’s incumbent candidate for Congress. He advocates for universal health care and mandatory education for children. He also said he plans to make preserving a healthy environment part of America’s economy and to push back on the idea that “mass shootings are a part of American life.”

Antonio Swad (R)

Pizza Patron and WingStop founder Antonio Swad said he will use his tough negotiating skills to represent Texas’ 32nd District. Swad said he believes in securing future energy by developing natural energy sources and avoiding higher gas prices. He also said he believes schools should not push “the social experimentation.”



District 30

Marc Veasey (D)

The incumbent representative for District 33, Marc Veasey serves as a self- proclaimed liaison between the common man and the government. He has created the first Congressional Voting Rights Caucus to eliminate discrimination in voting. He said he “relates most to the middle class man” and works to address the needs of that community.

Patrick Gillespie (R)

West Virginia born Patrick Gillespie said he is grateful for the opportunity to represent the Republican party in the 33rd District. Gillespie said he supports the protection of property, the adherence to the original language in the Constitution and limiting government power.