Meet the 2022 candidates

Caroline Petrikas and Alexa Muñoz



Representing Texas’s 16th Congressional District from 2013 to 2019, Democratic Candidate Beto O’Rourke says he aims to overcome Texas’s polarized politics and return the state to its former glory. Highlighting issues with public schools’ limited resources, O’Rourke plans to fully fund public schools and administrators. Advocating against limited healthcare accessibility and the power grid that prioritizes large corporations and the upper class, O’Rourke plans to reform the power grid to support Texas families and provide access to more affordable healthcare. O’Rourke said he seeks to create a safe and legal immigration system, support LGBTQ rights and increase voter registration and turnout. In addition, he said his goals are to provide equal opportunity and economic self-sufficiency, defend reproductive rights and protect Second Amendment rights while enforcing responsible use policies.


Serving as Texas’ governor since 2015, Republican incumbent Greg Abbott says he strives to build a healthier, safer, freer, and more prosperous future for Texas. Abbott seeks to develop long-term solutions for Covid-19 and healthcare crises by expanding healthcare access and coverage. In addition, Abbot plans to protect police resources and enhance public safety protections through heightened border security and a reformed bail system. To foster an economically opportunistic environment, Abbott will establish civil liability protections, provide business relief, and improve the electricity grid. Lastly, Abbott aims to preserve Texas’ status as the “freedom capital of America” by protecting unborn children, religious activities, election integrity, and Second Amendment rights.

  • TX Supreme Court


  1. Incumbent Republican Justice Debra Lehrmann is running for re-election against Democrat Erin A. Nowell and Libertatian Tom Oxford for Place 3. 


  1. Incumbent Republican Justice Rebeca Aizpuru Huddle is running for re-election against Democrat Amanda Reichek for Place 5. 


  1. Incumbent Republican Justice Evan Young is running for re-election against Democrat Julia Maldonado for Place 9. 
  • Attorney General
    • Ken Paxton (Republican, incumbent)
      • The 51st Attorney General of Texas, elected in 2014, Ken Paxton is running for a third term in the midterm elections. The Republican’s running has been negatively impacted by security fraud accusations and claims of misbehavior while in office. Paxton says he devotes his incumbency to keeping Texan laws constitutional. 
    • Rochelle Garza (democrat) 
      • A civil rights attorney from Brownsville, Rochelle Garza is running to be the first Latina Democrat to lead the Texas attorney general’s office since 1994. Although the race for attorney general is her first, she has a history in politics, dating back to legal battles against Republican leaders over teen abortion access. Garza says she runs for office to protect the freedom and communities of Texas families.
  • Lieutenant Governor
    • Dan Patrick (Republican, incumbent)
      • Republican Incumbent Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is running for a third term in the November midterms. Patrick said he fights to secure the border, reduce property and business taxes, and stands for the Second Amendment. 
    • Mike Collier (Democrat)
      • A 2018 Democratic nominee, Mike Collier challenges Patrick again this year. He endorsed President Joe Biden in the 2020 primary, and aims to lower property taxes, improve Texas public schools and protect Texas women’s healthcare rights.