Fall Fashion Trends


Alexandra Dassopoulos

An upscale evolution from the Christian Girl Autumn fad’s infinity scarves and skinny jeans, this season of fall fashion has ushered in a series of timeless pieces, remixed with an edgier feel. All eyes on models’ off-duty streetwear and the Instagram stories or TikToks of fashion influencers, these updated classics have filtered down into teenage closets.


As seen on Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, Adidas Sambas have returned to popularity from their hiatus since the ’90s, originally created in 1949 for soccer players. Manufactured in a variety of bold colors, Adidas Sambas are sold at a reasonable $100 — making them an attainable celebrity trend. 


A huge trend seen last fall was pleated skirts. This year, the classic has been reimaged and styled in a completely new way. These skirts have gone low-waisted and micro, an ode to the 2000s. Now, they’re paired with oversized leather jackets and thick belts — giving them a grungier feel than the previous preppy look. 


Another staple, ballet flats, have re-emerged to the fashion scene this fall. 


“Real ones know they were never out,” said social media influencer Audrey Peters. 


Whether ballet flats went out of style or not, they have undeniably risen in popularity this season. Miu Miu transformed the ballet flat, adding black straps with silver buckles to modernize the traditionally elegant style. 


Thanks to Scandinavian influencer Matilda Djerf, another reimagined classic has been the workwear suit. The sweater vest of fall 2021 has transitioned to linen, as well as various other suit fabrics. Oversized pleated work pants are sold in sets with these vests, often styled without undershirts to emphasize a more feminine, yet rebellious take on the menswear item. 


Senior Molly McPhail recently wore one of these vests to Pitbull’s concert, styling it with low-waisted white cargo pants. McPhail said she would have styled the vest differently last fall. 


“Then, I probably would’ve paired the vest with an undershirt and maybe a skirt, but this year, I’ve been into more low-waisted clothing and experimenting with unique silhouettes,” said McPhail.


Her styling undeniably reflects the new trend of vests this year and the spread of this trend through social media. 


“I saw a Pinterest post of a girl in a matching set with a black vest and skirt and was immediately obsessed with the look,” McPhail said. 


A juxtaposition from grungier pleated skirts and ballet flats, sportswear glasses have been seen frequently while scrolling through TikTok’s For You Page and down the runways. Featuring metallic rims, reflective lenses and angular, wrap-around silhouettes, these futuristic sunglasses catch the eye and elevate basic looks. Not to mention, they put a high-fashion spin on the Oakley sunglasses we’ve seen Hockaday Crew wear. 


All of these trends could be seen as “done before,” but otherwise discarded classics have found their way back into the fashion scene for the young generation, empowering through their modern and edgy takes.