‘The Addams Family Musical’


Jane Clark, Editor-in-Chief

Forbidden love takes a supernatural twist in the Upper School’s spring musical “The Addams Family.” Wednesday (played by Sydney Hoyl), daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, falls in love with Lucas Beineke (played by St. Mark’s junior Miller Wendorf), a normal boy. Their families are disapproving of their relationship, which adds to the drama and comedy in this musical.

“It’s about a very eclectic family,” sophomore Saxon Moseley, playing Morticia Addams, said. “Their daughter falls in love with a guy who’s super normal, and they don’t really like him, causing lots of havoc.”

Moseley enjoys participating in musicals because of the experience gained from the combination of singing, dancing and acting.

“They’re a fun experience with all your friends where you can just really enjoy yourself,” Moseley said.

Senior Brie Johnson, playing Alice Beineke in the musical, likes the idea of this musical because it is a big commercial show people know the name of.

“Ms. Gray wanted to do something that would get everyone excited because people have heard of the Addams family,” Johnson said.

The Netflix show “Wednesday” just came out as well, which has sparked more interest in the characters in the musical.

The cast is moving along quickly with blocking and memorizing lines.

“We just blocked the first big musical number, and right now, we are working on acting scenes,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s interest in theater goes back to her participation in the eighth-grade musical “The Wizard of Oz,” and even further to “The Sound of Music,” which she was a part of in Lower School even though it was an Upper School production.

“I’ve always just liked performing arts, and so it’s kind of fun because it combines dancing, singing and acting together,” Johnson said.

Senior Sydney Hoyl, playing Wednesday Addams, looks forward to the production, and since they are about a month into rehearsal, everything is coming together nicely.

“We have learned most of the songs and have choreographed the first big number of the show,” Hoyl said. “I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”