Grammy fashion police: Alexandra’s opinion

The Grammy’s are both the music industry’s biggest night and a spotlight for artists’ creativity in fashion – however, this creativity is not always as worthy of an award as their music catalogs.

Alexandra Dassopoulos

This year, many artists experimented with structural elements, mermaid silhouettes, and metallics, also playing into 2023’s makeup and hair trends. Yet others took more expected, unoriginal routes with their looks. While various celebrities stood out, successful in their uniqueness, there were many looks that simply lacked taste and cohesion. 

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Doja Cat chanelled her edgy side, deviating from her typically extravagantly embellished and vibrant looks. Shaved eyebrows and buzzcut perfecting the ensemble, the rapper’s Versace dress was made completely of latex. Although latex has recently gained popularity through celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Doja Cat’s opera gloves and styling made this dress unique – far from “basic” or “done before.” The form-fitting waist, mermaid train, and rope like one-shoulder also added an almost villain-like air to the dress, seamlessly suiting the latex.

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Rapper Cardi B’s Grammy gown was one of the highlights of the red carpet: A distinctive masterpiece, the dress was opulently futuristic and avant-garde with an unconventional silhouette. Designed by Gaurav Gupta, Cardi B altered the original runway design from a minidress into a gown. The royal blue of Cardi B’s gown perfectly complemented her complexion; it also emphasized the pleating of the waist details and movement of the sheer hood. Her blue eyeliner and simple jewelry accented the dress, without distracting from the artistry.


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Recovering himself from his Harlequinade-esque red carpet jumpsuit and fringy performance outfit, Harry Style’s Grammy’s acceptance look redeemed the artist at the Grammys. The crop of the jacket accented his high-waisted pants, while the cream of the blazer and beige of the trousers also paired well. Styles’ black collar also coordinated with a black stripe down the side of the pants. A final touch, his sparkly crop top balanced the neutrality and simplicity of the set, reflecting the spotlights.

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Matching the edginess of other red carpet looks, Blac Chyna wore an all-black, mini bodysuit, engulfing herself in feathers. The bottom part of the bodysuit featured dangling, chandelier-like embellishments, similar to that of a 1920’s flapper… gone goth. Adding to the look, her makeup was reminiscent of mascara fallout. Yet the whole ensemble also had an uncanny resemblance to the “Black Swan.” Despite no Grammy nominations, Blac Chyna’s risk gave her a lot of attention from outlets like PageSix, Entertainment Tonight, and Today, as well as critiques from her followers.


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Although her look offered some cohesion, Shania Twain’s pantsuit seemed like a miscellaneous combination of Ariel-red hair, sparkly “cow-like” polka dots, and an oversized witch hat. Designed by Harris Reed, the flattering bell bottom juxtaposed the ill-fit waist of the pants. CountryLiving reported that some compared Twain’s outfit to Cruella Deville or Dr. Suess characters, while others praised how she seemed to pull it off. Even if the singer can “pull off” this campy yet country look, it seems a bit too whimsical.

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Machine Gun Kelly arrived at the Grammy’s with his fiancée, Megan Fox, in a full metallic suit by Dolce & Gabbana. MGK explained to E! that his suit was inspired by the image of a phoenix rising from ashes – although it also resembles the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. Despite the suit being synonymous with Kelly’s typical style and rockstar haircut, the monochromatic silver material overstimulated the outfit. Adding to the excessive use of metallics in his look, Machine Gun Kelly wore gemstone harness and silver boots. If the tuxedo of suit had been paired with different bottoms, or vice versa, it could have saved the look.

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