New additions to the meadow

From swimsuits to a big screen, here’s what’s new in athletics


The new screen in Penson Gym debuted during Spirit Night

Shreya Vijay

Everyone in the gym hears a neat “swish” as the varsity basketball team scores once more. In front of them, a brand new screen displays the score. 

A company named Daktronics built the screen. Its LED modules allow for clear visuals. The assembly of the screen began before Holiday Break, and the screen was first used in Penson Gym on Jan. 6. 

Hockaday Coach and Health 101 Teacher A.D. Ebeniro works to display graphics on the board. 

“I work closely with Coach Jennifer Peyton and other coaches to display the graphics on the board for various events,” Ebeniro said. 

Ebeniro said the athletic department wants to make sure they are using the best technology possible. Since the previous scoreboards were outdated, they wanted to transition to video boards. 

“Hopefully soon, we will add a broadcast element where students can work video cameras during games and add a replay element for the full fan experience,” Ebeniro said. 

Sophomore Abby Woodberry said the new scoreboard elevates team spirit. 

“It’s so encouraging after you make a basket, and it gets the crowd excited,” Woodberry said. “It makes our home games a lot more fun.” 

Additionally, varsity swimming implemented a major change to their competition attire. Rather than wearing the typical black Speedos, this year athletes wear plaid printed swimsuits.

The idea for the plaid design originated from head varsity coach Bobby Patten’s 18-year-long dream. He sent the print out in 2005, but due to shipping problems, the design was not used. Recently, he found his design in the company’s catalog and, with the consent of the seniors on the team, the plaid print became the official competition swimsuit for this year. 

“This is a little bit more of a high-tech fabric,” Patten said, adding the new plaid suits are the best quality fabrics within a reasonable price range. 

Sophomore Olivia Qiu said the new swimsuits help with team spirit, but the fit of the suits is not ideal. 

“The cut of the suit isn’t that flattering and the straps are a little long,” Qiu said, “but the plaid really shows the Hockaday spirit.” 

Patten hopes his team stands out when they are in the pool, not only for their speed, but their style. 

“Every other team has blue, black, or green for their suit colors,” Patten said. “You see the plaid suit and go, ‘Oh, there’s a Hockadaisy.’ It sets them apart from all other teams, which I think is great.”