Letters from the Editors

As they prepare to leave the Fourcast, the editors-in-chief reflect on the years they spent writing for Hockaday’s student newspaper and offer advice to future Fourcast members.

Jane Clark

Sitting here at the workday for the last time, making final edits to Foolscast pages and editing stories for this April issue, all my memories from sophomore year are beginning to come back. I started on The Fourcast staff in 10th grade and was terrified to sit on the seniors’ “side of the room,” nervous to send them my writing, and uncertain in my InDesign and Photoshop abilities. Throughout high school, however, I have gained confidence in my skills and will cherish my time in this classroom with these people forever. 

Being on The Fourcast staff has shown me truly what Hockaday girls can accomplish. We start off each month with practically a blank slate of 24 pages and somehow, someway, end up with an entire newspaper in only a couple of weeks. 

We have learned to rely on one another and trust that everyone will get their work done. Working on the newspaper has taught me the value of collaborative work and how important it is to pull your weight. 

Here’s some advice for the staff for 2023-2024 and all future Fourcast-ers: 

  1. Using the time during the Fourcast class period can actually be productive if you put headphones on.
  2. Keep each other accountable to get your stories in on time even if it’s awkward – trust me, it’s better than turning the paper in late. 
  3. Be creative with story ideas. As an alumna next year, I want to be able to read about the school, not just the SPC recap every month. 
  4. Have so much fun, and do it with friends. Some of my best friends from all grades came from The Fourcast room, so DO NOT TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!!!

Yay Fourcast forever, 

Jane Clark 




Melody Hu

Here we are, April of my senior year, and writing this letter for the last issue of The Fourcast I will ever work on. It’s crazy to think this issue will represent my last workday, my last story discussion and my last time working with the amazing staff.

When I joined Hockaday in seventh grade, The Fourcast was one of the first things I noticed. The newspaper was always filled with the most interesting topics and opinions, and I knew I wanted to join the staff. When I finally got to sophomore year and wrote my first story as a staff writer, I learned and realized how much dedication, work and communication it takes to produce a paper.

As I leave for college, here are three of the many lessons I learned on the paper:

Journalism has a role in every community. Everyone has a story, and as journalists of Hockaday, it is our job to listen, write the story and share it with the school.
Collaboration is essential. Whether that is with my Co-Editor-in-Chief, Jane, or with my Jade Magazine partner, working with others is the only way to get something done. I admire the way The Fourcast staff members collaborate and compromise to produce multiple issues of Fourcast and Jade.
You never stop learning. Even in my final issue on the paper, I’m still constantly learning from my classmates, adviser and community.

I am forever grateful for the past three years and the wonderful girls I have been able to work with. To my fellow seniors, the past four years in Intro and on the paper have been the best. To the sophomores, juniors and future staffers, good luck and enjoy every moment. It goes by so fast!

Yay Fourcast!
Melody Hu