Planning prom

Senior committee organizes event

Caroline Petrikas, Managing Editor

Elected by the senior class at the fall retreat, the five members of the Prom Committee partnered with parent volunteers to spearhead the planning and organization of Senior Prom. 


While the students on prom committee tackle the majority of the planning, including music, food and DJ selection, administration handles the venue and event location. In September, the committee began meeting to design their vision for prom and propose themes, senior prom committee member Amber Li said. Throughout the fall, the committee debated themes, considered budgetary restrictions and decided what aspects to focus on for the event. 


“We definitely prioritized the DJ, which was one of the most important aspects for me because music really defines the mood at an event,” senior prom committee member Allison Lanners said. 


Though the committee met during the entire first semester, it was not until January and February when they were able to make their final decisions, order supplies and watch the whole event come together, Li said. After the committee decided on the theme “Gilded Age”, they had to create the reveal video, invitations and prom merch. Many members’ favorite moment was the design and videoing process. 


“My favorite part of the whole process was shooting the video for the reveal because we came in crazy, different outfits and really got to show our creative sides with the script,” Lanners said. “Then, afterwards, the reveal itself was so rewarding because we were very nervous, but all of the seniors seemed to really like the theme.”


Similarly, Li really enjoyed designing the invitations because of the stylistic freedom and committee collaboration.


“It was really fun to combine all of our visions because Molly had a really interesting idea to do something ornate and with a woman’s silhouette,” Li said. “After playing around with some compositions, we settled on a poster with a parasol and woman on the bottom and metallic bubbles for a finishing touch – almost imitating the sort of interior design they had during the Gilded Age.”


After releasing the theme and invitations, the committee visited the venue to plan out their vision for the space and finalize which decorations they wanted to order. 


“Visiting and touring the space is a really crucial step in the process because it allows us to decide where we want the food, DJ and decorations to go prior to purchasing them all,” Lanners said. “It allows us to really envision prom night and was very exciting to see all of our hard work come to fruition.”