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Ms. Day speaks to Hockaday students as well as other students in the Dallas area as part of her role to involve Hockaday students in the community and lead them to fulfill their purpose.
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Senior Splash Day
Senior Splash Day
May 13, 2024

The Hocka-Hall of Fame

Senior athletes establish new records before graduating
Matt Smith
Thompson runs at a cross country meet.

Avery Jackson 

Starting her career with the Varsity Volleyball team as a freshman, senior Avery Jackson has broken numerous Hockaday records including kills in a match, in a game, in a career and digs in a match.  

For her record of most kills in a career, Jackson focused more on hitting a specific number rather than the Hockaday record.  

“I really wanted to hit 1,500 kills my senior year,” Jackson said. “So, during SPC, I knew I needed to step it up in order to get that number.”  

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While Jackson had little to say about the countless records she broke during her time on HVVB, she unsurprisingly spoke most about the people who supported her.  

“I’m so grateful for how supportive the team is,” Jackson said. “Every single accomplishment that I, or someone else, reached on the team is highly celebrated.”  

As Jackson leaves Hockaday to pursue beach volleyball at Stanford University, she hopes the team takes advantage of the remaining time they have with each other.  

“You don’t get to play volleyball forever,” Jackson said. “So, cherish your time.”  

Ashna Tambe  

Varsity Basketball captain Ashna Tambe has played on the varsity team for four years, racking up enough points to break the Hockaday record for career points. Before breaking the record, Tambe knew she wanted to break 1,000 points, but didn’t anticipate scoring over 1,500 points for the team.  

“My dad keeps track of my stats,” Tambe said. “It just perfectly lined up for Spirit Night this year.”  

On Jan. 17, Tambe celebrated with her teammates and coaches after breaking the record during a game against Trinity Valley School.  

“It felt like a bunch of hard work had paid off,” Tambe said. “Not just my own work, but my teammates’ as well.”  

As the Varsity Basketball team has yet to win an SPC championship for years, Tambe pointed out the lack of attention around the sport at Hockaday. In addition to crediting the new coaches and the team’s energy, Tambe said that she hopes to leave HVBB with a better reputation than she found it.  

“I hope I brought [basketball] more to the forefront of people’s minds at Hockaday,” Tambe said. 

As an athlete who joined the team during the pandemic, practicing so many hours by herself, Tambe only had one piece of advice to the underclassmen as she leaves the meadow.  

“Hard work pays off,” Tambe said.  

Jaden Thomas  

After years of training, recovering from an ACL tear and playing in front of scouts at domestic identification camps, senior Varsity Soccer captain Jaden Thomas achieved her dream: playing for the US National team.  

“Well, I was in bed,” Thomas said. “But it was a very cool moment to get the call.”  

For Thomas, this had always been the dream. However, with challenges such as the pandemic and an injury that set her back for months, Thomas said she felt even more pride in that moment with how far she’s come.  

“It was a very full circle moment,” Thomas said. “My biggest dream came true.”  

Playing for the national team exposed Thomas to a whole new level of skill.  

“Everyone there is used to being the best on their club team,” Thomas said. “It’s just a higher speed and level across the board.”  

As Thomas leaves Hockaday to play soccer at Stanford University, she hopes HVS enjoys the time the team has together in high school. 

“Just enjoy it,” Thomas said. “For some people, this is the last time they’ll play soccer.”    

Gracie Little 

A four-year Varsity Track & Field athlete, Gracie Little has broken both the pole vault and 4×800 record at Hockaday. Both records occurred during her sophomore year, but the 4×800 record stands out to her.  

“It was a very close team,” Little said. “One of the members, Leena Mehendale, was a senior, so it was the last year to break the record with her.”  

Along with senior Gracie Little and Leena Mehendale ’22, senior Margaret Thompson and junior Jordan Lacsamana ran as the 4×800 team at South Zone.  

“The four of us had trained together in and out of school practices,” Little said.  

For the pole vault record, Little went into her career knowing she wanted to break it. 

“It was so fun to celebrate with all the other pole vaulters,” Little said.  

As Little leaves Hockaday to attend University of Virginia, she hopes the team continues to find the fun in the sport they play.  

Margaret Thompson  

Varsity Track and Field, as well as Cross Country, captain Margaret Thompson started competing in her record-breaking event as a sophomore, the same year she also broke the record in the 4×800 with Little, Lacsamana and Mehendale.   

“I was intrigued about [steeplechase],” Thompson said. “So, Coach Bean entered me.”  

After recognizing her potential in the event, Thompson continued to compete in the 2,000-meter steeplechase. A year later, Thompson broke seven minutes and then set her sights on the Hockaday record.  

To finish her junior year, later that same season, Thompson traveled to Eugene, Ore. to compete at Nike Outdoor Nationals.  

“I was already excited to have run a personal record at my biggest competition,” Thompson said. “When I found out that I set the new Hockaday record, I was even more excited.”  

As Thompson leaves Hockaday to go run track at Princeton University, she hopes to leave her teammates with the image of a good role model in their sport, and in life.  

“Arguably the most important attribute of a sports team is how teammates treat each other,” Thompson said. “I hope to have modeled treating each member with respect and friendliness.”  

As the younger girls on her team take on new challenges, Thompson reminds them to keep a proper mindset when chasing their goals.  

“Your performances don’t define you as a runner, much less a person,” Thompson said. “It is so essential to start thinking of bad performances not as setbacks, but rather as evidence of the process of hard work.”  

Alyssa Anderson  

Varsity Track and Field captain Alyssa Anderson holds two records for Hockaday in the long jump and javelin event. She broke both records at the same meet, the Meet of Champions, a year apart. For the long jump record, she broke it during her junior year and javelin this year.  

“While I wouldn’t say it was the only thing I was shooting for, [the records] were something I thought would be amazing to accomplish at some point,” Anderson said.  

As Anderson hopes to pass the torch to younger athletes and continue breaking records at Hockaday, she also recognizes those who came before them. Anderson specifically remembered a moment with Remy Finn ’22.  

“Bean actually recorded a video of my long jump for Remy,” Anderson said. “He told her the good news and she texted us saying how proud and excited she was.”  

Anderson plans to attend and run track at Yale University. As she leaves HVTF, she hopes the younger girls savor their high school careers and continue to work hard.  

“Give it everything you have,” Anderson said. “The season goes by so fast so make the most of every meet with the team.”  


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