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The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

The Fourcast

The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

The Fourcast

Ms. Day speaks to Hockaday students as well as other students in the Dallas area as part of her role to involve Hockaday students in the community and lead them to fulfill their purpose.
A day with Ms. Day
Sarah Moskowitz and Melinda HuMay 19, 2024

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Lone Star Royalty Q&A
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Senior Splash Day
Senior Splash Day
May 13, 2024

Donate to the Teen Gift Drive!

SANTA'S HELPERS Each morning, members of the community service board hit the Upper and Middle School carpool lines. Junior Catherine, Senior Catherine and Junior Natalie discuss the progress of the drive with Fine Arts Chair Ed Long. Photo by Hailey

Every December, the community service boards at Hockaday and St. Marks jointly sponsor a gift drive to proceed a variety of organizations including the Jubilee Center, Salvation Army, JC Phelps, West Dallas Community Center, Carr P. Collins, Genesis Women’s shelter,TR Hoover, Promise House, Family Gateway, St. Philips and New Beginning Center. For more information on the organizations, feel free to email Laura Day or Sarah Satinsky, or come by the community service office for more information.

Students are asked to help supply families in need with gifts for their children during the holiday season. Ranging from books to makeup, Hockaday and St. Marks combined collect around 1500 gifts every year.

“This year, we have talked to more organizations than usual; we’re really hoping to have more gifts than ever and help even more people than we have in the past. We have 2012 gifts as a combined goal to represent the year and graduating class,” Assistant Head of Community Service Sarah Satinsky said.

The community service board is helping to make the drive more personal by hand delivering the gifts to the 11 charities. Students from both schools will go to deliver the gifts as they come in.

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“I think it’s going to be a really nice touch to the drive. I know that the girls on the board are excited to help out,” Laura Day, head of the community service, said.

As another element of the drive, students on the board dress up as Santa and his elves every year and head out to the Upper and Middle School carpool lines as a tradition to raise awareness for the drive and spark holiday spirit.

With the deadline for donations on Dec. 14, there is plenty of time to go shopping to find the perfect gift for someone in need this winter.

This year, both schools are intent on focusing on more specific and personal gifts. Suggestions include:

  • Basketballs and other sports equipment (Nike soccer ball, volley balls)
  • Watches
  • Sweatshirts and hoodies
  • Hats and beanies
  • Socks
  • Mittens or gloves, scarves
  • Sweaters and coats (all sizes)
  • Jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings)
  • Hair items (headbands, clips, etc.)
  • Curling irons and Hair straighteners
  • Make-up, make-up bags, make-up kits
  • Bath items (scented lotion, perfume, nail polish)
  • Purses and totes
  • Dallas sports teams paraphernalia (hats, shirts, etc.)
  • Pajamas
  • Electronics (CD players, hand-held games, ipod touch, etc.; please provide batteries!)
  • DVDs (PG13 or below)
  • Teen-appropriate board games (Taboo, Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase)
  • Beyblades, Wii and X-Box games (video game stuff)
  • Pre-paid cell phone
  • Clothing store gift card (Target or Walmart)
  • Electronic book
  • Boombox
  • Fashion drawing book
  • Headphones
  • Art supplies: lanyard/beads/string, paint, markers and crayons (multiple colors)
  • Music items (drum sticks)
  • Cameras
  • Gift card to Gamestop or Walmart
  • Books
  • 2 movie tickets
  • Portfolios for interviews

– Molly

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