Thankful Thinking

One of the wonderful things about the holiday season is that the long break gives everyone a chance to reflect, to contemplate the aspects of her life for which she is grateful.

“I say thanks that I have the opportunity to be thinking about college,” senior Laura, who keeps a gratitude journal, said, “I say thanks for the fact that it’s finally cold and for three more days of classes and for friends and family and all the love in my life.”

This time of year, Laura is not the only one giving thanks for her joys. Everyone has at least a couple moments to stop and be grateful.

“I’m thankful for family, friends, the privileges to have a home and go to Hockaday,” freshman Jane said, “The main thing for me is the entire experience I’ve had at Hockaday so far, since this is my first year. People have been really friendly and welcoming, and the whole school is just wonderful.”

With these responses in mind, I thought about what I was grateful for. Like Laura and Jane, I am thankful for my family and my friends, for my home and my education, for my health and my well-being. I am thankful for my liberty, for the freedoms I have because of when and where I live. I am thankful for good books no matter the season, but during the winter, I am especially thankful for sweet clementines and hot tea.

So, having read our lists, for what do you say thanks during the holiday season? Comment with your suggestions below.

– Kay