For Those Who Prefer to Sleep During Assemblies

The majority of the Upper School student body has fallen victim to sleeping, texting a friend or finishing the assignment due next class during an assembly.

The Convocations Board has noticed the poor behavior and lack of proper etiquette and has put sophomore convocations representative Grace in charge of fixing it.

Grace decided that the best way to show the correct assembly etiquette would be via a video.

It will not be your everyday video—there will be plenty of humor and of course Harry Potter references,” Grace said, to show students the proper way to act during an assembly.

“It’s a big problem,” Grace said.

“Not only has the Convocations Board noticed, but so have many of the teachers. We need to fix this.”

Grace will not be alone in her video; she has asked some Hockaday teachers to make “special appearances.” Teachers include science teacher Murry Gans, Fine Arts Department Chair Ed Long and History teacher Colleen Durkin.

“Get excited,” Gracer said.

She has been working on and filming the video since the beginning of Thanksgiving break. “I hope the video changes people’s mind the next time they want to take a nap,” she said. “It only takes one person to be a good example for other people to follow.”

Chemistry teacher Jennifer Stimpson thinks that “this video will hopefully help girls realize that they are not acting properly during assemblies because here at Hockaday, girls are exposed to so much and you never know what information you will get from listening and paying attention during assemblies.”

Sophomore Maddie said that “it should be very funny. Grace is a comedian and will know how to make a funny but informing video.”

Silence may be golden, but attentive ears are priceless.

– Gretchen