Word on the Street: JRP

Junior Michelle Shang asks students about current juniors’ Junior Research Papers: The amateurs test their knowledge against the experts

What is Project Paperclip?

“A paper clip used for a project.”

[Sophomore Amy Kim]

Answer: Project Paperclip was a government operation in which German scientists, most of whom were Nazis were recruited by the  in the later and post WWII years to research weaponry and nuclear power. Junior Renee Cai is writing her JRP on the recruitment of German scientists later in WWII and the years following WWII.


What is Camp Dora?

“A place where little girls who love Dora the Explorer go to party.”

[Junior Mannhi Tran]

Answer: A Nazi Germany labor camp. Cai is writing about this in her JRP.


What is a pessary?

“A place that sells French bread and pastries!”


Answer: A form of birth control. Junior Anastasia Almyasheva is writing her JRP on the importance of birth control to feminism in the 20th century.


What is Guernica?

“A Spanish festival.” 

[Sophomore Flor Manzanares]

Answer: A painting by Pablo Picasso inspired by the 1937 bombings of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. Junior Maille Radford is writing her JRP on the significance of Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” to the United States during times of war.

What is Law 10/59?

“Isn’t there a law in Massachusetts or something where you can’t carry ice cream in your back pocket?”

[Junior Neha Thummala]

Answer: A series of acts passed in 1959 by South Vietnam leader Ngo Dinh Diem that made it legal to hold someone in jail without formal charges if they were suspected of being a Communist. Junior Mannhi Tran is writing her JRP on the CIA’s role in overthrowing Diem.