Dallas Black Dance Theater Brings it to Hockaday


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To celebrate Black History Month this year, Hockaday invited the Dallas Black Dance Theatre to perform their unique and internationally renowned style for students on Feb. 29 during assembly period. Beginning as an academy to study dance 37 years ago, Dallas Black Dance Theatre began dancing as a professional company as well 35 years ago. They have performed worldwide throughout this time. The concert consisted of solo and group pieces preceded by explanations of the story behind each piece as well as an interactive activity with the audience to teach Hockadaisies the basic positions of dance. Associate Artistic Director Melissa M. Young hoped to bring a sense of culture with her performance. “We hope that our audiences will be impacted from a cultural standpoint,” Young said. “We hope to educate the audiences about things and the different genres of dance that we have to offer. We hope to touch the audiences and stir up feelings that they never expected.”