Upper School Celebrates International Week

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Green, blue, red, yellow, black, white. As Hockaday students walked through the Upper School hallways decorated with flags, a multitude of colors swirled around them.

Last week, Hockaday students organized International Week. Hallways were adorned with flags, each day Upper School advisories took a quiz about different countries and senior Jane, lead organizer of International week, promised a free breakfast from Corner Bakery to the winning advisory. The winning advisory will be announced this week. In addition, girls ate lunch while listening to international music every day.


During lunch, students modeled clothing from different countries, including Thailand, Mexico, India, Germany and Norway. Sophomore Jennifer modeled traditional clothing from Korea.

“This year more countries participated in the fashion show, so it was a great experience for everyone to know about each culture,” she said. “It was super fun, and I appreciate International Week because I am not sure if many schools have this kind of experience.”


International Film Club presented the movie “The Namesake” about an American-born Indian, during Y period. The movie is an adaption of Jhumpa Lahiri’s book of the same name.


Students were able to sample international food on the way to lunch outside Biggs Dining Hall. Some foods were Korean corn chips and rice cakes, Filipino halo halo and Japanese mochi.

“It’s always good to combine international culture with something we enjoy—food!” sophomore Arianna said.


Culture Club organized the International Talent Show for Upper School students, presenting talents from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and America.

Japanese students made a humorous video about the misconceptions, but also truths, about Japanese people.

The Chinese students, on the other hand, split their act into three parts. First, girls performed traditional dance and martial arts while freshman Rita played the gu-zheng instrument. Second, they danced to Chinese pop song “Huo Yuan Jia” by Jay Chou. Finally, sophomores Grace and Lucy performed a duet to “Feng” by Jay Chou, with Grace playing the piano and singing while Lucy played the violin.

Korean students traditionally choreograph a dance, and this year they choreographed two dances to “Roly Poly” by T-ara and “I’m the Best” by 2ne1. Taiwanese girls also choreographed a dance—they performed “Fang Kai Ni De Xin,” or “Release Your Heart,” by Wang Leehom.

The talent show concluded with a sing-a-long to “Kids in America,” representing America, led by seniors Rupsha, Ashley, Giovanna and Isabella. The audience stood up, danced and sang along to the song.

“It was really entertaining because it really upbeat,” sophomore Hannah said. “I was really impressed by their dancing skills.”


Form II hosted an informal gathering during conference for sophomores and all boarders to sample foods from around the world. Foods included French quiches, Indian samosas, Greek Humus and pita bread, German baklavas, Japanese Hi-Chew candies, Vietnamese spring rolls and even bubble tea from Fat Straws (originated in China).

By the time students dispersed, nearly all of the food was gone. As tokens of the event, girls received jewelry made by teenage Ugandan girls. Form II moms purchased the jewelry, and their purchase helped raise money to build an orphanage for Ugandan children.

“It was a really great way for us to bond with the boarders but also relax from the week,” sophomore Chloe said. “Some of us never really get to see the boarders because we’re not always in the same classes as them.”

During lunch, Jane led and an “International Lunch” to discuss globalization and stereotypes.


House Council hosted the International Mixer in the Small Gym on Saturday night from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The gym was decorated with flags from around the world. Besides dancing to music from around the world, an origami craft table also offered entertainment. Girls who participated in the talent show even danced to songs with choreographed dances. Boarders provided international snacks such as Pocky cookies, Korean Choco Pie and bubble tea. The mixer was lightly attended, largely in part due to various other events planned that day, including Cistercian Down-Syndrome Guild Dance and British boy band One Direction’s “Bring 1D to Dallas” event.

Sophomore Avery, who went see One Direction, said, “It was the power of the pants, I just couldn’t resist them!”

– story and photos by Tiffany