Sister Sister

Students share experiences with the Big Sis program

For many Hockadaisies, a plate of cookies or a poster from their Big or Little Sister can make their day. Others feel it adds just one more thing to their already packed to-do list.

Anticipated by both seniors and freshmen each year, the goal of the Big Sister, Little Sister tradition is to ease the freshmen’s Middle to Upper School transition. The program encourages each pair to exchange advice, posters, gifts and food around holidays, birthdays and exams and foster a more unified student body.

While some seniors give Nothing Bundt Cakes and bake batches of homemade brownies, others draw colorful posters for their Little Sister’s lockers with “Have Fun Freshmen Year!” written in glitter-penned bubble letters.

“It is good that the freshmen come in knowing there is someone to talk to,” said Student Relations Chair senior Katie, who matched all Little and Big Sisters last summer.

Freshman Grace so enjoyed her relationship with her big sis, senior Mollie, that she had only one complaint: “I think there should be more opportunities for us to hang out with our Big Sisters at school, not just one time when we first meet them,”

“Some matches have worked really well this year,” Katie said, “but there are always people who don’t put in the effort.” Because of unanswered surveys and random pairings and sometimes simple lack of effort, some sisters find it hard to connect.

Rachael, a current senior, had a difficult time connecting with her big sister when she was a freshman. She said her big sister completely ignored her during her freshman year.

“I told myself freshman year that I wouldn’t treat my Little Sister like she had treated me,” Rachael said. “Even if I am not getting her gifts every week, I am at least acknowledging her in the hallways.”

Student Relations Chair Elect, Ramie said, “there are definitely more pros than cons. It unifies the Upper School

Next year, Ramie is trying to find ways to make sure that pairs are better matched so both seniors and freshmen don’t miss their Big Sister, Little Sister experience.

Nearing the end of the year, eighth graders are already looking forward to the Big Sister, Little Sister tradition.

“I’m really excited,” eighth grader Berkley said, “I think it will be really cool to get to know upper classmen and they can drive us to parties too.”

– Charlsea