Spring Weather Hangouts

As the trees begin to blossom and the sun begins to shine in Dallas many Hockadaisies start to take advantage of the spring weather.  While Dallas’ array of movie theaters, malls and museums attract visitors year-round, there are certain local spots that are exceptionally fun to check out during the springtime.

Taking a long bike ride on the Katy Trail may appeal to those looking to soak up some sun while burning some calories.

“I love riding my bike on the Katy Trail,” senior Mary Francis said, “I also go to the many parks in Highland Park with my friends.”

Whether you desire a friendly soccer game going or simply to sit under a tree and read a good book, heading to any of the public parks in Dallas is sure to guarantee a relaxing afternoon.

Exercising not your idea of a fun day spent outside?  Not to worry. There are plenty of activities for the artsy souls.

“I go to the Nasher sometimes,” senior Regen said. “In the summer, I also go to Shakespeare in the Park.”

These are surefire options for those who wish to exercise their artistic side for a day.  The Arboretum is also a great place to have a nice picnic or take some pictures of the butterflies and flowers surrounding the grounds.

For all of the Foodies out there, don’t worry, there are many great restaurants with outdoor seating so you can enjoy the nice weather while eating some delicious food.

“My friends and I love going to Rise,” senior Abigail said.

The popular soufflé restaurant on Lovers Lane has multiple outdoor tables and a covered patio.  Velvet Taco is another quick and easy restaurant to go to on a hot spring day.  Many restaurants on Knox and Henderson have outdoor patios, including Vickery Park, Barcadia and Toulouse Café and Bar.

So, the next time you have a free weekend, be sure to spend some time outside and enjoy the sunny weather.  After all, we only have a month until the temperatures might force us to spend all of our time in an ice-cold swimming pool.

– Nina

Time to celebrate spring! Here is the information for the hangouts mentioned above:

Katy Trail:

3299 Mabry St


Nasher Sculpture Center:

2001 Flora Street  Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 242-5100


Shakespeare in the Park:

Samuell-Grand Park
1500 Tenison
Dallas, Texas 75223

Phone: (214) 559-2778


5360 West Lovers Ln #220  Dallas, TX 75209
(214) 366-9900


Vickery Park:

2810 North Henderson Avenue  Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 827-1432



1917 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206

(214) 821-7300


Toulouse Café and Bar:

3314 Knox Street, Dallas, TX

(214) 520-8999