New iPad Hits Stores March 16, Students Question Its Necessity

DECISIONS DECISIONS Students found themselves contemplating the need for the new iPad model that came out on Mar. 16, another addition to the slew of Apple products. Art by Evi

On Mar. 16, the newest iPad came out, sparking excitement among students such as senior Hannah, who owns both an iPhone and an iPad. A devoted Apple fan, Hannah says she rejoices every time a new version of anything Apple is announced.

“My favorite thing about my iPhone is the apps. I love being able to play games such as Scrambling with Friends and Draw Something and sending ‘selfies’ to inform friends of my location and current state of mind using silly faces. And I love the touch screen.”

Hannah says that having both an iPad and an iPhone, though viewed by some as excessive, is convenient. An iPad, with its large screen and bigger storage capabilities, allows the owner to watch movies and television shows as well as experience the iPhone in a magnified form.

“Everything is so much clear on the iPad. I’m mesmerized when I use it,” Hannah said.

Seventh grader Annabelle shares a similar delight in the iPhone and iPad. A proud owner of both, she has specific uses for each one.

“I don’t want to waste space on my phone with a ton of games and apps—I’d rather use it for phone calls and texts with my friends and family,” Annabelle said.

Instead of putting all of this extra data on her phone, Annabelle puts it onto her iPad.

“I have so many apps on my iPad. It’s a little over the top,” she said. “I also have movies and television shows and tons of pictures…I also write down reminders on my iPad.”

While some girls say that both an iPad and an iPhone are necessary, others argue that neither an iPhone nor an iPad are the way to go. Seniors Lindsay and Mackenzie both agree that the hype around Apple products is unnecessary. Though they both own iPods, they declare “Androids for life!” in their strong opposition to the Apple craze.

“I really dislike the hype about iPhones and iPads,” Mackenzie said. “Everyone has one or is expected to have one, but why?”

Lindsay agrees wholeheartedly.

“iPhones seem to be just addictive, and Androids seem to be more durable,” said Lindsay. “On top of that, iPads are just pointless. It’s like a big iPhone but you can’t use it to call or text.”

To Mackenzie and Lindsay, having an iPhone is somewhat understandable. The idea of having an iPad, however, makes Lindsay exclaim “Why?!”

It is, to her, just a bigger, flashier version of the iPhone that people use to look “cool” rather than use for actual reasons.

Though many students favor owning all things Apple, some advocate for owning none, and still others call for moderation, it is, according to junior Courtney, “all about what works for you.”

– Hunter