Mourning a Loss: How to Handle the Death of Your Favorite T.V. Show

FINAL FINALE Arming herself with her favorite junk food, junior Sydney dimmed the lights and began to watch the last ever episode of the CW's One Tree Hill on April 4. Photo provided by Sydney

On April 4 at 8 pm, the lights on the river court darkened, and the characters took one last bow as One Tree Hill aired its final episode of the series. With almost nine full seasons and 187 episodes, fans have seen the pivotal characters survive through everything from psychotic stalkers and kidnappings, but now the end has come. And for many, the bittersweet goodbye will be met will tears, memories, and, of course, food.

One Tree Hill, a CW network series, centers around two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, and their continuing tumultuous journey filled with love and obstacles. The storylines are outlandish, but fans feel the show connects to you on the emotional level, especially in the high school years.

“It gave fans the opportunity to be a part of this life that is so unlike ours and it’s really exciting,” junior Lexi said.

But all things must end, and fans are hoping for a finale filled with closure and old faces.  “The characters have kind of found there place so it is time for the show to end,” junior Laura said.

To start the long process of mourning the end of any beloved TV show, there are two steps. The first step takes place the night of the season finale. A fan should stock-up on food supplies and tissues. Only one massive break-down night is allowed, so all the tears should be released the night of the finale.

“I’ll have to watch the finale with a good friend. I can’t do it alone,” junior Taylor said, “And there will be a lot of unhealthy snacks in compensation for our sadness.”

The most important elements of the night are: seclusion from anyone who would make fun of your pain, a support group if possible, and, in true Hockaday fashion, food.

The next step starts the day after the finale. No more crying; all tears should be gone by now. The sooner one recognizes the end, the sooner one can move on.

It is not always that easy, however.

“I’ll re-watch the series multiple times,” said Lexi, “to remind myself of the golden days of One Tree Hill.”

Although not recommended, periodically re-watching favorite episode and reminiscing on the old days with friends is allowable. If you ever find yourself logging onto a fan memorabilia website… STOP. This could create seriously detrimental effects, and fan-made videos will lead to only more tears.

“It’s an era coming to a close,” Laura said. “It will not be forgotten.”

There is no need to completely purge the T.V. show out of your system; remembrance is fine until it leads to hiding voodoo dolls of the characters in your closet. Pick up a new TV show, occasionally return to old episodes and stop the mourning stage quickly after the night of the finale.  After following these steps, even a dedicated TV show viewer will soon embark on the road to recovery.

“I’ll watch new TV shows and probably obsess over them too,” Lexi said. “But there is only One Tree Hill. And it can’t be replaced.”

– Sydney