Vamos A La Playa Mixer

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On Saturday, April 14, the Hockaday sophomore and junior student councils hosted the annual mixer for Hockaday, St. Mark’s, Cistercian and Jesuit Upper School students. This year’s theme was “Vamos a la Playa” (let’s go to the beach). Instead of taking place in Metzger Plaza like last year, this year’s mixer was on Graduation Terrace.

“It was really great having the mixer on Graduation Terrace,” Form II President Megan said. “It was a new and different environment and the space in general is so pretty. I hope we can use it again for parties in the future.”

A dance floor surrounded by lights, a DJ, beach balls and a Ping-Pong table entertained students. Plus, food and drinks were provided by Mexico Lindo Tacos’ Taco Truck and Doc’s Snow Cones.

“I think everyone appreciated the snow cones—I had three!” sophomore Eliza said.

A light breeze enhanced the night’s weather.

“The only thing that we were worried about was the rain,” Form III President Ashley said, “but it didn’t rain and it looked like everyone had a really great time.”

Although the dance floor was mostly empty for the beginning of the mixer, students rushed to the dance floor when the DJ played “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. In fact, the DJ played it twice because the floor was so packed and animated!

– story and pictures by Tiffany