Word on the Street: The Unicorn

It is emblazoned on our polos and blazers, and it is referred to as our (back-up) mascot. But for the most part, no student or teacher really seems sure as to why the unicorn is a part of the Hockaday crest and a symbol of our school. The Fourcast asked students and teachers for their best guesses:

Illustration by Katherine

“Unicorns are a symbol of mythical perfection. That’s what we try to do here, right?  To achieve an impossible standard of perfection? Boom. There you go.”

Jennifer Stimpson
Upper School chemistry teacher

“The unicorn is just a fancy rhino…with magic and a prettier horn. But for real, let’s be serious, what about the unicorn doesn’t say ‘I’m a powerful, independent woman?’”

Junior Ashley
2012-2013 Student Council President

“It’s honestly just cooler than the killer daisy, so I just assumed it was our real mascot  that we used  to use. But then that begs the question, why would you ever switch?”

Sophomore Grace

The Truth

“The crest on your blazer was Ela Hockaday’s family crest, and the unicorn along with the school motto “Virtus Scientia” (truth in knowledge) are part of it. In taking it on, we became a family, her family, so something to be said for sentimental value. There you go, mystery revealed.”

Ed Long
All-Knowing Dean of Upper School Fine Arts

-Compiled by Molly, Video by Tiffany