Must-Haves for Summer Lovin’

Illustration by Evi
The Fourcast dishes five original items for summer 2012

Whether you’re lounging at the beach in the sand far away or spending your weekend at SAT prep here in Dallas, Fourcast’s five summer must- haves are sure to brighten up your summer.

The Nook

Channel your inner intellectual Daisy (even during the summer!) and read your common book, Edith Wharton’s classic The Age of Innocence, at the beach or during a long plane ride. The Nook reads just like a regular paper book even under the bright sun, and it has more than 2.5 million books available at your fingertips. It also recommends other books based on what you already enjoy reading so that you can check them out when you finish the common book. Available at Barnes & Noble for $99.

Norpro Ice Pop Maker

An ice pop maker, such as the Norpro Ice Pop Maker, provides the opportunity to transform boring juice or yogurt into your very own ice pop in a DIY fashion, which will add cool relief to the 100 degree-plus weather. Dishwasher safe, high-quality and durable, it makes up to ten frozen treats at once. I recommend this product for people ages 0 to 100: who doesn’t love ice pops? Available at for $13.45.

Dr. Dre’s Lady Gaga Heartbeats Earphones

Summer is the perfect time to find more of the music you love. Invest in some high-quality earphones such as the Beats by Dr. Dre’s Lady Gaga Heartbeats, to amp up your tunes and experience the full sound. Available at for $125.95.


Just your average summer sandals… but better. Though Chacos tend toward the pricey side, they also prove to be versatile, comfortable and invaluable over the years: these shoes are made for walking—as well as running, hiking and treading through water. The Chacos brand also offers warranty for when the shoes begin to wear down after one too many summer adventures. Available at Prices vary depending on the shoe, but the sandals generally range from $80 to $110.

The Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid, a retro, classy camera popularized in the 20th century, seems only fit to capture such important moments for memories and, more importantly, new possible Facebook profile pictures. Also, since it’s instant, you’ll be able to see the artsiness as soon as you snap the photo. Available at for $69.