Daisies Getting Social

Daisies Getting Social

Contributing writer Sydney shares scenarios from four of Hockaday’s favorite social media sites

It’s time to accept the inevitable. Our break from school and social media crazes is over. Be prepared for the outbursts of comments, pictures and statuses on every subject. But every social media platform adds its own flair to the situation. The hip Twitter kid makes it a “you needed to be there” situation. The awkward girl still stuck in the Facebook phase tries to get at least one like, the unfairly stylish diva posts something artsy and perfect on Pinterest and the mildy creepy Tumblr person talks about some band that is too hipster for you to know. Sound familiar? Thought so. Here’s an attempt to be all four of these people at once. 


Twitter: Making lunch with friends!#nomnom #sohungry#fun  #healthy  (5 favorites, 1 retweet)

Facebook: Going over to my friend’s house to make lunch. (0 likes, 1 comment—“cool story bro”)

Pinterest: You need 1 of everything you don’t already have in your pantry, an extensive amount of appliances only world-renowned chefs own and a take-out menu for when you give up. (17 pins)

Tumblr: You probably don’t know about this sandwich. Here’s a meme to prove it. (3 notes)


Twitter: I am going to quit Hockaday and join the circus #butactually #helpme #somuchhomework (7 favorites, 5 retweets)

Facebook: So much homework to do, too many Facebook distractions (0 likes, 1 comment, “Do you even go to this school?”)

Pinterest: A meme from Someecards: “Procrastinator? No. I save all my homework until the last minute because then I’ll be older, therefore more wise.” (7 pins)

Tumblr: I am sitting in a dark room with only the wick of a single, flickering candle keeping me from being consumed by total darkness. I would do my homework, but I’m too busy listening to this new, underground band. You haven’t heard of them. (4 notes)


Twitter: Had a great time at the dance! #insidejoke #somuchfun #bestnightever (7 favorites, 3 retweets)

Facebook: (Post pictures) Creepy 2nd cousin you never talk to posts on group picture: “You look so beautiful!! How is school going? We miss you!” (no likes, no comments, just awkwardness)

Pinterest: Close-up of the back of your dress, while the model casually looks over her shoulder. There is either lace or sparkles. (56 pins)

Tumblr: Didn’t go to homecoming. NPR was having a special telecast that night. (57 notes)