Coat Drive


Sophomore Holly advertises for the coat drive. Photo by Avery

The Hockaday Community Service Board’s Coat Drive benefits local organizations

Every day, rain or shine, cold wind or calm breeze, many kids in the Dallas area walk to schoolunprotected from the elements. They need coats. From Oct. 8 to Oct. 18 the Hockaday Community Service Board is collecting coats for these kids and many others in the Dallas Area.

“We need coats for both adults and children. From size zero to XXL,” said Sarah Satinsky, the assistant director of the Community Service Board. As of Oct. 9 the board had only collected about 30 coats, so many more are still need to help fill the pressing needs.

Many organizations are “counting on us and are really excited for all the help,” said Satinsky who hopes that the Hockaday will be able to provide enough coats for the many organizations promised.  Such organizations include many different schools and shelters throughout the metroplex: Gooch, Sudie Williams, Jubilee, Austin Street and TR Hoover.

Last year only Middle school participated in the coat drive, which was sponsored by the eighth grade community service board. They collected 150 coats. This year, however, the number of organizations who have asked for coats has increased, so many more than 150 are needed. 

The coat drive has also been moved to a time much earlier in the season.

“What’s the point of doing the coat drive in January? They have been freezing cold in October, November and December,” Satinsky said. She believes that moving the drive from January to October will better fit the community’s needs.

Continue to bring your coats for the rest of the week and remember that some of these kids walk to school every day and need a layer of protection from the adverse weather conditions.  Without a coat they cannot make it to school as the temperatures drop.

– Alaina