Serendipity Day: Throwback Thursday

Upper School “throws back” on Oct. 25 to follow the theme for the first Serendipity Day of the school year.

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1. Sophomore Jessica in her throwback attire. Photo submitted by Azani
2. Sophomores Claudia and Elizabeth go back to the old days from a former school.
3. Sophomore Madelyn returns to the 50s with a old-fashioned poodle skirt.
4. Juniors Nicole and Katie wear uniforms from their former school Good Shepherd Episcopal School.
5. Sophomores Staci, Allison and MaryFrances sport their Girl Scout uniforms from years ago.
6. Juniors Madison and Ali return to Lower School with spirit and wear their Hockaday Lower School uniforms. Photo submitted by Sammy

The theme this year was a hit for Serendipity Day: Throwback Thursday. The idea was to dress from a time in the past, whether it be historical Greek attire or your awkward clothing choices from Middle School.

Senior class president Ashley said that the decision for this theme came about at a mini retreat for Student Council.

“We though this [theme] would be really good because it’s very broad and allows everyone to be creative,” she said.

In order to add a little competition into the day, Student Council arranged a contest to see which form had the most spirit. The first placing form would get 100 form points. Second place would receive 75 points; third place, 50 points; and fourth place, 25 points. All of these points would go contribute to Form Day points for the annual Form Day competition in May.

When the tallies from the judges and members of Student Council came in, the freshmen were awarded first place and the seniors second. The contest was based purely on spirit.

Freshman Talia said she loved the theme.

“It was funny to see everyone dressed up…we got to make fun of ourselves when we were little.”

While the theme was a hit among some people, not everyone was in the throwback spirit.

“I think [the idea] was creative, but not enough people were in the spirit,” sophomore Anne-Marie said. “I would like to see something everyone would participate in.”

When asked about ideas for future fun dress days, almost every student agreed a pajama day “would be amazing.” Another favored idea was another dress-like-a-boy day, the Serendipity Day theme from last year.

Sophomore Suzanne thought it would be cool to have a day when girls dressed accordingly to our favorite movie.

“I was Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars in Middle School,” she said. “I thought it was really fun and I’d like to do that again.”

Overall, Upper School students gave the first Serendipity Day of the year a thumbs up.

-Story and pictures (unless otherwise indicated) by Sydney