Into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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This year for Halloween, seniors decorated the Upper School hallways with the theme of “Harry Potter.”

Stepping into the magical world of Harry Potter would seem like paradise. Stepping into the seniors’ version of Harry Potter was like stepping into horror story.

Greeting underclassmen with British accents, costumed seniors ushered underclassmen through the brick wall where they emerged onto Platform nine-and-three-quarters with the Hogwarts Express stretched out before them and Hagrid swinging his lantern hollering, “All aboard the Hogwarts Express!”—a seemingly fantastic paradise to any Harry Potter fan.

But where the train stopped and the Forbidden Forest in the freshman hallway began, the sinister characters of Harry Potter suddenly crept forward: house-elves, clawing at ankles and begging for socks as tokens of their freedom; Hogwarts students, hounding the underclassmen; Mandrakes (plants), glaring at passerby from their pots.

The sophomore hallway transformed into a prison cell for Azkaban prisoners. Locked in cages, the prisoners pleaded for release while Dementors attacked and scared any unsuspecting underclassmen. Math teacher Andrew Brown, dressed up as Lord Voldemort, silently glared at all and History Department Chair Steve Kramer, impersonating Mad-Eye Moody, scowled menacingly with his fake magical eye.

The junior hallway became the Black Lake, with dolls used as “hostages” guarded by seniors dressed as solemn-looking mer-people. The hallway was washed in a blue glow, and blue and green streamers hung from the ceilings, adding to the underwater feeling of the hallway.

At the beginning of the senior hallway hung the portrait of the Fat Lady, painted by seniors Christina and Meredith. This portrait guarded the entrance to the Gryffindor common room, a safe haven from the horrors that lurked around every corner of Upper School. A comfy red couch offered a place for a respite. Red, orange and yellow streamers hung from the ceiling and trophies were stacked on tables.

But the seniors did not limit themselves to the hallways; they transformed the freshman bathroom into the Chamber of Secrets and the sophomore bathroom into a room with flying keys. Even the staircase was decorated with Harry Potter quotes and proclamations with “moving” portraits along the railings.

Though this Harry Potter transformation (literally) came overnight, the plans were laid into action long before with careful preparation leading up to this day.

Seniors Christina and Grace, the Halloween Chairs, sent out a survey to fellow seniors who voted on their favorite theme—Harry Potter. They then planned the theme of each hallway a month in advance.

“I think the best part was seeing the reactions of the underclassmen,” Grace said. “It was a long planning process but it was really great to see the grade come together and set up a really great Halloween!”

-Story and photos by Courtney