McDonald’s Week

The St. Mark’s junior class put on the annual McDonald’s Week from Nov. 12-15. This year’s theme mimicked that of the presidential election, McCampaign, with St. Mark’s junior Nabeel, otherwise known as the Hamburglar, and St. Mark’s junior Jack, or Grimace, battling it out for the honorable position of fast food commissioner.

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Monday The week kicked off to a great start with an interactive experiment conducted by St. Marks chemistry teacher Kenneth Owens. Owens took vegetables and fruits one by one and froze them in dry ice. He then smashed them on the ground. The parking lot smelled like onions but, nevertheless, this experiment wowed everyone in attendance. Working out of their car trunks, a few St. Mark’s boys sold shirts, while other students sat at card tables selling raffle tickets for items such as iTunes gift cards and Mavericks tickets or bracelets (“votes” for a fast food commissioner). All proceeds benefited Austin Street Shelter. Dinner Monday night was at Purple Cow.

Tuesday Day two’s events may have even topped those of day one’s. Continuing with the theme of McCampaign, fast food commissioner candidates Nabeel “Hamburglar” and Jack “Grimace” debated against each other to try and win votes. There were also obstacle courses for couples, both seniors and juniors. Dinner Tuesday night was at Cantina Laredo and Pinkberry for dessert.

Wednesday The activities took an interesting spin, with the theme surrounding Hockaday and St. Marks’ twins. Hockaday junior twins Ali and Augusta, and more, participated in fun “Minute to Win it” competitions such as tissue box racing and tennis ball games. Dinner was at Gazeebo Burger.

Thursday The final day of McDonald’s Week featured dance contests. St. Mark’s teachers, St. Mark’s students and Hockaday students participated in the contest. The final round was between Nabeel “Hamburglar” and Hockaday sophomore Anesu, against Jack “Grimace” and St. Mark’s senior Kendrick. The final winner was decided by the crowd, who cheered loudest for Grimace. Dinner was at Fish City Grill.

At the end of the week, Jack “Grimace” won fast food commissioner, and McDonald’s Week raised about $18,000 for Austin Street Shelter.