Self Defense: Teaching ’em the Moves

Self Defense Instructor Meg Hinkley spoke to students at the Nov. 13 assembly about methods of preventing and defending against assault. Her tips ranged from regularly locking one’s front door to remaining alert in parking lots.

“The most important thing is that whatever you do, you do it with 100 percent  commitment and to remember that you are fighting for your life,” Hinkley said at the assembly, “The term self-defense is a misnomer. You are really attacking. They don’t expect that.”

Due to time constraints, Hinkley did not have the opportunity to demonstrate defensive moves for use in the case of an attack.

The Fourcast sat down with her to discuss the most effective self-defense maneuvers. With all of these moves, remember to make a lot of noise and draw attention to yourself and your attacker.



Photo by Alaina

The groin is commonly mistaken as the end all be all target, but it is not. Trying to kick the groin is often ineffective and can throw you off balance. It is important to get underneath and hit from below not just in the front. The knee to the groin is often very effective or even an elbow if pinned on the ground.



Photo by Alaina


When going for the eyes, it is important to remember to not worry about technique. Just get a finger across the surface; gauge and claw with your fingers and thumb. The eyes are one of the primary targets because they are a great equalizer, and it requires very little strength or power to damage someone’s eye. It takes about the same amount of effort to get a finger between someone’s eyelids as it takes to get your thumb into the skin of an orange.



Photo by Alaina

The ear clap is basically a big clap on someone’s head. You forcefully smash your cupped hands over their ears. It ruptures their eardrums and is very painful, causing them to possibly lose their balance and, in turn, allows you to escape.





Photo by Alaina

The throat is another primary target, because once an attacker can’t breathe, he or she will often give up. The most effective area to strike on the throat is near the Adam’s apple. Form your hand into a V-shaped position and forcefully strike the throat or grab the trachea and squeeze. This will cut off their breathing and give you the opportunity to run.


Pinned to the ground

Photo by Alaina

If pinned on the ground, it is best to fake submission and wait for an opening. You need to make the attacker think you are his victim and wait for him to drop his guard. Then, forcefully attack. Driving your elbow into his groin is a good option once you have found an opening and are no longer fully pinned.