Keeping Warm in a Texas Winter

Oversized jackets, knitted scarves, hats and comfy sweatpants are just some of the ways to accessorize and recreate the Hockaday uniform to stay warm during the winter. Although not all of these additions are allowed during the school day, they may be worn before and after school. Next year, Hockaday is switching to a new provider, Mills Uniform Company. There will be new options for uniform accessories, as well as a change in the clothing material. The process to fully switch from Parker to Mills is planned to take four years, said Bookstore Manager Dara Williams.


Sophomore Morgan models accessories for the winter season. She bought her ear warmer in the Hockaday bookstore and wears it while practicing for winter sports, as well as after school when it is especially cold outside.

She purchased her black, North Face fleece from Mountain Hideout located on Lovers Ln.

The black, athletic leggings are from Lululemon. This specific style is called Run: Top Speed Crop. According to Hockaday uniform procedures, students are not required to wear socks with their leggings or tights as long as they cover the ankle.

Morgan’s colorful blue and green ski socks are from St. Bernard Sports. They are made to be worn with ski boots, but Morgan said they are very comfortable and warm for the winter.

Morgan also wears a sterling silver monogrammed ring from Swoozies, although it is covered by the North Face fleece. On, rings may be personalized with a name or initials.

“I like the new North Face-looking black and white jackets the bookstore has,” Morgan said.


To stay warm before and after school, sophomore Miranda said she enjoys wearing scarves and hats and bringing blankets.

“I think that it’s good to let us accessorize a bit to let us have our own individuality in our uniforms,” she said.

Additionally, she is wearing her dress uniform: a white, collared button-down Oxford, tucked into a plaid skirt, complete with her Parker green blazer and Saddle Oxford shoes. On Day Six, no sweatshirts, kilts, solid green skirts or colored socks may be worn.

Her sister, senior Emily, actually knits the scarves that she and her sister wear.

Miranda said that she would like for Hockaday to offer a scarf to wear during the school day. Also, since it is difficult to stay warm with just sweatshirts and leggings, Miranda said that Hockaday pants in the future would be welcome as well.


Freshman Sadie wears earrings, necklaces and headbands to accessorize her uniform. During the winter, she wears a large, black jacket from a boutique in Austin, Texas called A Town. The store offers a variety of candles, jewelry, artwork, cards and clothes for purchase.

Sadie handmade her colorful headband on, which allows customers to pick fabrics, colors, paper and more for basically any project.

She also added a ribbon to her hair with a pattern like “a pink skeleton from Día de los Muertos.” She found it at City Craft, a fabric and sewing boutique located on Lovers Ln. near Inwood Village.

For next year, Sadie would like to see Hockaday leggings, socks and pants. She said she also hopes for a thicker material for Oxford and polo shirts because they are too thin and not very warm.


Sophomore Anesu is wearing one of her favorite sweaters—a white v-neck from the Hockaday resale store which she bought for three dollars.

She added a green, patterned bow tie from a website called Every tie on the website is 100 percent silk and no matter what pattern or color, costs fifteen dollars.

Anesu wears her bow tie throughout the year with her uniform and said it is her favorite addition to her uniform.

“I think they are fun and nifty,” she added.

Anesu also chooses to wear the Hockaday plaid shorts instead of the typical skirt. Students may also find them at the Hockaday resale store for five dollars.

Off campus, she wears the Nike Dri-Fit Cushioned Crew Socks from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Anesu said that layers and warm socks are very important during the winter.

When not wearing her saddle oxfords, she wears blue-and-green plaid Sperry shoes.