Serendipity Day: Fourth of July

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Red, white and blue colors splattered the hallway instead of the usual Hockaday green and white colors. Student Council had themed this Serendipity Day “Fourth of July in January” in honor of the upcoming presidential inauguration.

President Obama will be sworn into office Monday, Jan. 21.

Junior Grace, who dressed in shorts of the American flag, said, “I’m a bit of a politics nerd since I check Politica more than I check Facebook, so I really enjoyed this theme.”

Students wore these patriotic colors with many different outfits. Senior Megan wore a patriotic blouse and had a statue of liberty crown on her head, while junior Madison dressed in a body suit that resembled the American flag.

Sophomore Ripley, who wore a blue “America” t-shirt, took advantage of the chance to not wear her usual plaid-skirt and white-blouse uniform. She commented, “I dressed up because when we have opportunities like this, we have to make it fun and make it worth it.”

After the Winter Formal theme “Fire versus Ice” was announced during advisory, Student Council held a form competition for best dressed to the Serendipity Day theme. The sophomores placed last, freshmen placed third, the juniors placed second and the seniors won first in the form competition.

Sophomore Staci, who wore a red-white striped shirt and blue shorts, enjoyed the theme.

“I thought it was different and it goes along well with the current events of the inauguration.”