Fire and Ice: Winter Formal 2013

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This year was the first to have a Winter Formal Committee to plan the event, and it was proved successful as this year’s Winter Formal was one for the books. With an overall good reaction from students, 2013 “WinFo” topped those before it. But what exactly prompted the “Fire & Ice” theme?

Senior Courtney, head of the Winter Formal Committee, said that after seeing how modern this year’s venue was, a modern theme was in demand. Courtney said that the Fire & Ice party in the TV show “Revenge” sparked the passion for the theme.

“[Fellow committee member Ashley] made me watch [the episode] and after that, we were pretty much hooked and we really pushed for it,” Courtney said.

Sophomore Elizabeth and junior Katya agreed that the theme this year was a winner.

“I definitely liked this year’s theme better than last year,” Elizabeth said. “I didn’t really understand last year’s theme.”

Questions were raised as to how the Winter Formal Committee would pull off the theme.

“I was a little confused as to how they would decorate for [the theme], but I think they did a great job!” Katya said. As far as future themes go, it oscillates between Disney, candy, ‘80s and super villains. Courtney said that some other ideas that were initially suggested were masquerade, underwater and fairytale.

A lot of the aspects of 2013 Winter Formal were favored. “I thought the DJ was very good at playing danceable music, and the venue overall was well-suited for the theme,” Katya said.

Elizabeth said her favorite part was probably the t-shirts. “I really liked that they were long- sleeved and I liked the colors,” she said.

Overall, this year’s Winter Formal was a huge hit among Upper School students.