AP Studio Art Show

The AP Studio Art Show opened in Purnell Gallery on March 1

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Artwork of all shapes, sizes and colors hang around the walls of Purnell Gallery for the AP Studio Art Show that started on March 1. The exhibition showcases artwork completed this year and last year by AP Studio Art students. The reception will be held on March 11 at 5:30 p.m. in Purnell Gallery. A few students talk about their inspirations for their artwork below.


Senior Katie

“I have somewhere around 17 pieces in the show…but a common theme in my art work is Greek and Roman mythology…I have always been very inspired by Latin and the myths and customs surrounding Roman culture, so I decided to make mythology my concentration. Aesthetically, I have also been drawn to pattern recently, so I’ve decided to add that in as a part of the concentration as well. I’m trying to use pattern to emphasize the stories and characters in the myths and interpret them in a new way.”


Senior Casey

I don’t think much about what I’m going to draw before I start. Usually it takes me 10 minutes to come up with an idea or plan. I do most of the thinking while I draw. I just pick things that I like, things that I am weirdly attracted to. I usually don’t like pretty ordained things. I like things that are grotesque or distorted.”


Senior Evi

“My goal this year in art is to learn how to use everything I have access to. I’ve used ink, oil-based printing ink, oil paint, watercolor, acrylics, gesso, casein paint, pencils, pens, collage, newspaper, etc.…[My inspiration] depends on each piece. One of my pieces is inspired by my passion for what is going on in Africa and the Middle East right now, how Mali is falling to Al Qaeda terrorism and that the U.S. cares now because of possible oil repercussions. I am influenced by whatever is weighing on my mind.”


Senior Lizzie

“The central piece on my wall is a big abstract painting I did this year based on the work of modern artist Franz Kline. I also have two pieces from my concentration, which is about journeys and adventure…The inspiration for my concentration mainly comes from my life…As a senior, I’ve been thinking a lot about leaving home, experiencing new places, and trying new things. This period in my life kind of feels like the beginning of a journey, so I decided to try and capture some of those ideas in my concentration.”


Senior Emily

“Most of the time, it takes a while to come up with ideas. A lot of what I draw comes from reality. When I do come up with ideas, it’s because I get a random image in my head that I want to see on paper…I love having the ability to create images that no one has seen before. I love blending colors together and making images just for the fun of it.”