Security Heightened at ARC Entrance

The Security Department has introduced a second reception desk to alleviate traffic at Hoak Portico

ON GUARD Security has been stepped up at the Forest Lane ARC entrance with the addition of the RAPTOR system. Photo by Tiffany

In the past, the reception desk in Hoak Portico by the Welch Road entrance was the only entrance for parents and visitors.

The desk is equipped with computers displaying images from cameras at door entries around the school. Security staff members are present at the desk during day and evening hours. Security Officer Amber Wardell, one of the officers on duty at the desk, said the ARC is one of the most highly-trafficked areas.

“People don’t have to go through Hoak Portico anymore to get a badge—they can just walk through the ARC,” she said.

The reception desk is also equipped with an an advanced security check-in system, the RAPTOR. The RAPTOR scans drivers’ licenses, checking for anyone who might undermine campus safety, such as registered sex offenders. Any parents or visitors entering through the ARC or Hoak Portico will be required to present a form of identification. The RAPTOR has already been used this year at Hoak Portico to check in visitors.

Fourth grade parent Judy Donovan has checked in at the reception desk in the ARC. Usually she walked into Lower School directly through another door but now she enters Lower School through the reception desk in the ARC.

“It was nice to be able to walk in through the Lower School door, press the button and they would automatically recognize you and let you in, but I understand that it’s a security issue and appreciate that,” Donovan said.

While these measures have increased safety, Director of Safety and Security Karyn McCoy emphasized the importance of faculty, staff and students still maintaining a watchful eye for those without identification.

“Opening doors and simply letting people in the building leaves us vulnerable,” McCoy said. “Hockaday is home to many and we want to keep it safe for future Hockadaisies.”

Still, McCoy anticipates the new desk will alleviate traffic at Hoak Portico and provide a convenient option for parents and visitors.

“Hopefully we can alleviate traffic at Hoak Portico and assist parents and visitors entering through that side of campus,” she said.