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The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

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The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

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Boarders Move into Residence

The start of a new school year inspires a mixture of emotions in everyone: nerves, excitement and anticipation. As a sophomore boarder returning to Hockaday, I was subject to all these feelings, and then some. But I could not wait to see our newly renovated Residence Department, which started construction last March. Visions of new furniture and gleaming bathroom fixtures danced in my head as I counted down the days until I could see my new living space.

Like Christmas, the long awaited move in day, August 17, finally arrived. As my parents and I pulled into the Welch Road parking lot, my eyes immediately landed on the residence building, lined with fences draped with black tarps, and construction tape, and I greedily searched the façade for clues of what would lie within.

When we arrived at Hockaday, I ran ahead of my family, left all of my belongings in the car and rushed up the path to Morgan Dormitory. We were early and Student Council representatives were hard at work hanging welcome signs and decorating every door with balloons.

Striding down the Lower Morgan “LoMo” hallway,. I looked at each door and noted the roommates, finally finding my name on the door of room 206. With bated breath, I swung open the door.

A feeling of déjà vu swept over me. I felt I had been here before, yet there was the sensation that I was visiting for the first time.

A sleek chrome light fixture over the shared chest illuminated the scene. On the walls, gone were the pastel tones that recalled the 1980s and varied from room to room. The elegant shade of umber paint facing me was modern, warm and—most important for room decorating — a neutral shade that would easily match any duvet.

Gone was the 1960s-looking painted white wooden furniture. In its place was a pine-colored, modern combination of a bed and a bookshelf. All of the furniture was new, modern and boasted a large amount of storage space, and included a rolling desk that could slide over my bed.

With the added storage space, I found that I no longer had to stack everything in my closet. I actually had extra space to showcase pictures on my shelves. While the desks have wheels seemingly to allow for self-expression with furniture placement, that has not proved the case. Much to everyone’s dismay, the rooms must remain as they were found, thus eliminating one of everyone’s favorite weekend activities: rearranging the room. Nevertheless, I was still elated, and ready to see the infamous bathroom.

After a year of living with a bathroom that was designed and installed before my parents were born, I could hardly wait to see the boarders’ shared lavatory. So I scurried down the hall, grasped the door handle and pulled.

I might have walked into a spa-like oasis.

Soft blue tiles lined the walls. The bathroom stalls were no longer dilapidated and crumbling, instead lined with translucent sea-foam green subway tile. The metal lockers covered in chipped beige paint had vanished. In their place, stylish square wooden cubbies had arrived to house our personal toiletries.

The showers showcased the greatest improvement. Gone was the mold growing in corners and crevices, despite the relentless efforts of our housekeeping staff. They boasted sleek, clean tiles and a new shower head . As in the rooms, more storage space was available, including plenty of hooks to hang towels, shower caddies and clothes. The piece de resistance was the shaving ledge!

Seeing all of these improvements in residence alleviated my trepidation for the upcoming year. These amazing renovations reaffirmed that I had a home at Hockaday. I know that no matter what each day brings, each night I will come back to my little slice of paradise: my Hockaday Home.

-Vivian Armitage

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