Best Letters to Self Lines

One of the highlights of the senior retreat is receiving your “letter to self” that you wrote three years earlier on the freshman Mo Ranch trip. The Fourcast collected some of our favorite quotations from these letters and compiled them for your enjoyment:

Evie Pena:

I hope I’m on athletic board in high school. I want it so bad. Almost as much as I want Tommy Addy.

Grace Gilker:

Advice: don’t do something twice

You have bangs right now, and weigh around 130 pounds.

Anna Dyer:

When you are reading this, you better have a super hot, awesome, athletic boyfriend!

Ashley Clark:

Have a happy life and marry someone hot. Xo, A

Janie Martin:

I like: Cistercian boys (yummy!)

You should be skinner.

You should have a boyfriend. If you don’t, you have no excuse.

I will not be surprised if very little of these expectations are met.

I have no idea where I want to go to college or what I want to do in my life. I hope you have a better gameplan, but knowing you, you probably don’t.

I’m friends with a nice group of girls, but I secretly hope that you’ve grown out of them.

-Compiled by Amy Tao