Applications Accepted for Winter Formal Chair

Kick, ball, (chair) change! Applications for this year’s Winter Formal Chair are now available to interested seniors

The Student Council is accepting applications for Winter Formal Chair. Only seniors are eligible to apply.

The chair will be responsible for organizing various aspects of the annual Upper School dance, including, but not limited to: decorations, invitations, lighting, table decor, food, refreshments, entertainment and the theme-reveal video.

After her selection at the end of October, she will be provided with the theme and venue, which have already been decided upon by members of the Council. She will be required to maintain discretion concerning the theme, venue and other details of the dance.

Following her selection by the Council, she will meet one to three times per month with Director of Activities Vickey Thumlert and Bookstore Manager Dara Williams to plan the dance. Freshmen Moms Carmen Gross and Ariana Held must be aware of all plans regarding freshmen.

The chair will attend monthly Student Council meetings or email updates to the Upper School Student Council President. She must inform the President of all meetings lest the Student Council wishes to attend.

To apply, candidates should fill out the application, which has been emailed to seniors.

After receiving all applications, the Student Council will interview candidates during the last two weeks of October. For the interview, applicants should come prepared with a presentation of a plan of a theoretical Winter Formal’s decorations, food, lighting, etc. The hypothetical theme is “Masquerade,” and the hypothetical venue is a plain, white room.

Winter Formal is Feb. 22, 2014. Deadline for applications is at noon on Oct. 17. Email applications to President Meredith Mihalopoulos at [email protected]

-Tiffany Le