What to Watch This Week

In the wake of Halloween, television shows return to their regular drama and intrigue. The Fourcast tells you how best to fit these shows into your schedule.

Sunday, November 3

The Walking Dead
Why: Renewed for Season 5, the zombie killing gang will encounter a group of walkers in a school. With worsening sickness inside the prison, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) might be one of the few able-bodied people left. More importantly, will any favorites (Glenn!) make it out, alive?

Once Upon a Time
Why: Another Disney princess, Ariel, is introduced. And there’s surprising reveal with the Evil Queen (Lana Parilla) doubling as Ursula. This week, a new love triangle comes to head, a la Season 1. However, it can’t be a coincidence that they played the ‘True Love’ theme when Emma and Hook kissed.

DVR:      Homeland
Why: Carrie finally stands up for herself and makes a power play, recruiting a game-changing ally, while Saul tries to keep an intrusive Senator at bay.

Why: Emily loses control… and friends. While Daniel focuses his attention elsewhere, two of Emily’s most trusted friends will turn on her.

Monday, November 4

Live:       How I Met Your Mother
Why: Anna Camp returns as Ted’s weekend date Cassie though his future might finally be moving forward by addressing the issue of ‘The Mother.’ There’s no guarantee whether she will meet the rest of the gang soon, but look out for the character as Ted gets over the Robin hurdle.

DVR:      Sleepy Hollow
Why: The Headless Horseman returns as Ichabod disappears. Perfect time to seek out a creepy recluse right, Abbie?

Dancing with the Stars
Why: Snooki got kicked off!

Tuesday, November 5

Live:        New Girl
Why:  An old roommate, Coach, returns to the loft, newly single, with the three guys vying for his attention. However, who will be packing their bags to welcome the new guy? SPOILER ALERT: Schmidt and Cece being back on might have something to do with it!

Agents of SHIELD
Why:  After the last episode’s shocking revelation about Skye, the case only gets weirder as floating bodies start turning up, Coulson’s team is sent into investigate. Ward might be mad at Skye at the beginning but I guarantee he won’t be in the end. Plus, Fitzsimmons totally fights like a married couple.

DVR:      Supernatural
Why: Dean learns how to speak Dog. I thought there were only two rules: ‘you don’t by drugs from a guy named Don, and no dogs in the car!’

The Mindy Project
Why:  After being told that she’s too picky, Mindy is intent on proving everyone wrong by going on a date with a skater.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Why:  After arresting someone with no evidence, Jake has 48 hours to collect evidence, or the perpetrator goes free.

Wednesday, November 6

Live:       American Horror Story: Coven
Why: Fiona realized she never truly loved her daughter, Cordelia, while the students back at the house face a zombie hoard. Queenie and LaLaurie find themselves unexpected allies, while Zoe unlocks a new power. After, the Council asked for Cordelia to step down as Supreme with deadly consequences.

DVR:      Revolution
Why: With Mommy/Daddy drama and unsettling truths, the Sci-fi drama had a little too much drama and too little plot.

Modern Family
Why:  Hiatus.

Thursday, November 7

Live:       Scandal
Why: Olivia (Kerry Washington) and the Team search for answers as the Presidential Election draws closer while Olivia must make a decision that will affect all of her relationships in the White House. Harrison’s allegiance to the Gladiators is tested. The team continues to prep Josie Marcus while Cyrus and Mellie plot against her.

Why:  Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Francis (Toby Regbo) grow closer even in chaos as the King forces Mary to decide if she is willing to lie and condemn a man in order to break her engagement. Royal Intrigue ensues, though if any of us know history, we all know the end to this story.

DVR:      Parks and Recreation
Why: Hiatus.

White Collar
Why: Peter send Neal undercover to a psychiatrist who ‘may’ be manipulating her patients to do some pretty crazy things.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Why: Knave’s life is put in danger, while Alice contemplates using one of her three wishes (True Love?) without thinking of the consequences for Cyrus.

Grey’s Anatomy
Why: Issues between Christina and Meredith come hit the ceiling, resulting in an unforgivable betrayal by one of the parties.

The Vampire Diaries
Why: Hiatus.

Friday, November 8

Live:       Dracula
Why: Grayson uses his affair with Lady Jayne to determine if she is a vampire hunter, while Lucy tries to mend Mina’s broken heart with a night out on Bohemian London. The details of who broke it though are a secret only known to a certain vampire who said ‘I have no intentions of marrying her.’

DVR:      Grimm
Why:  Crime resurrects an old feud while news spreads about a royal family member’s demise.  Several key players will make their moves, changing the game.

Saturday, November 9

Live:       Saturday Night Live
Why:  Miley Cyrus hosts (tentatively).

– Kate Clement