Boarding Bridge Opens

As a boarder, living on the island that is Morgan dormitory during the construction of the sky bridge created some navigation issues walking to school. Rather than walking across the bridge and into the admissions hallway, our path took us behind the Health Center and the cafeteria before finally arriving in the main building.

Seven months into the remodel, the entire Residence Department anticipated the reveal of our new viaduct. With fall setting in, facing the outside stroll in the brisk weather seemed more daunting than ever. Some felt the pain in the form of the daily irritation of walking down the stairs and outside to school. Others were upset about the rule prohibiting girls from returning to their dorms during the day.

Everyone counted the days until we escaped the construction that began just before spring break last year.

Finally, after the long hiatus, and a premature reopening, the bridge is back and better than ever. The doors are now open, as of Oct. 24.

Gone is the mere walkway that funnels boarders into school. In its place is a three story, modern, and sophisticated tie between the residence department halls.

Along with these incredible new additions for the boarding students, everyone at Hockaday will benefit from the connection between Tarry House and the Health Center. This link will make it easier for Day Students to access the Health Center in a convenient manner. These changes will also help connect boarding to the main building.

The new bridge offers more than just an easier path to school. The new design includes an elevator, musical practice rooms, study rooms, a common space and suites for dorm moms. In the new-and-improved bridge, we have a walkway and new places to study and play instruments. Chairs, in thoughtful groupings, encourage us to sit and talk, while the lack of a large lounge area reduces the noise the former bridge created. Some of my friends cannot wait to practice their instruments with privacy; others boarders cannot wait to utilize the comfortable rooms for late-night studying.

The new design of the bridge creates a modern feel, which is a perfect addition to the campus for its centennial year. Windows from floor-to-ceiling line the bridge; everything is visible now, from the entrance to the Hockaday campus to the soon-to-be grassy courtyard in-between the dorms. A cluster of mailboxes on each side of the bridge now help us stay in touch with friends and family. And finally, the recent addition of an elevator will definitely be helpful when moving in and out of the dorms.

The re-installation of the new bridge will definitely make Hockaday boarding even better. I am so excited to be released from the isolation that was Morgan dormitory and connected to my community again.

– Vivian Armitage