Two Freshmen Inducted into Council

Freshmen Taylor Tou­douze and Eleanor Wil­son were inducted into the Upper School Student Council in October. Toudouze is Form I President, and Wilson is Parliamentarian.

Their induction came af­ter a series of elections and run-offs following the annual freshman trip to Mo Ranch in September. Toudouze defeated six girls after four run-offs for Form I President. Wilson de­feated three girls for her posi­tion on the council.

As the only two freshmen on a council of 14 seniors, two juniors and two sophomores, they will bring a younger per­spective on Upper School.

“Freshmen have a really fresh view of Student Council because we’re not used to it,” Wilson said. “We’ll bring new ideas regardless of whether they’re wrong or right.”

Wilson’s duty as Parlia­mentarian is to advise the president on procedure dur­ing meetings. If she notices a violation in procedure, she qui­etly tells the president, then the president may rule from the chair.

Her older sister, senior Lucy Wilson, also serves on the council as Community Service Board Chair. “It’s really fun,” El­eanor Wilson said. “Lucy and I get along pretty well.”

Her twin sister, Mary Claire Wilson, also serves on Student Council as Form I Secretary. El­eanor Wilson has had previous experience on Student Council at her former school, Christ the King.

Toudouze was Middle School Student Council Presi­dent last year, and she notices a big difference between the way Upper and Middle School Stu­dent Councils function.

“It’s been kind of crazy and scary with the seniors—being on Middle School Student Council, it was a lot more chill—but it’s cool because we actually have a lot more to do now,” she said.

As president, Toudouze hopes to become familiar with all of her classmates, especial­ly the new girls. “I want to be someone everyone can come to as a leader,” she said.

– Tiffany Le