Exclusive Teen Wolf Spoilers

Exclusive Teen Wolf Spoilers

The Fourcast talked to Holland Roden, Dylan O’Brien and Crystal Reed of the Teen Wolf Cast, getting this list of exclusive spoilers and insider info:

          Dylan O’Brien is the best kisser of the bunch (Holland Roden)

          DOB actually hates Lacrosse (HR)

          Very little fighting this season, focusing on the extreme psychological (HR)

          There’s a push and pull between what is real and not real (HR)

          Lydia ends up in a lot of weird places, few that any teenager would experience (HR)

          Mental and Physical Places warp, in a very John Malcovich way (HR)

          Stiles has an incredibly interesting “arc” this season. There will be expansion on the tether, and on the detective work seen in 3A, with Stiles’ brain a bit out of sorts, with Lydia helping with the research and logic. (Dylan O’Brien)

          The weird places Lydia ends up has things to do with Stiles (HR)

          The Twins will be at war with the pack and themselves, trying to work their way back into the pack and learn to be real friends (HR)

          Aidan isn’t the nicest guy, while Ethan contemplates abandoning his brother, because he’s hurting his chance at succeeding, while he stays with Danny. (HR)

          The twins will have some “amazing” development this season (HR)

          Aidan isn’t a good guy, paralleling him and Jackson. (HR)

          Lydia has a type- bad boys, as much as she tries to break it. In the end of the season though, there will definately be a change in that. (HR)

          While Stiles won’t be as much in Detective mode, Lydia will take over as resident “Watson” (HR)

          Aidan will try to be there but…. 😉 (HR)

          Stiles is a rollercoaster this season, with Lydia along for the ride (DOB)

          Colton Haynes nor Adelaide Kane will be returning (HR)

          Favorite scene to shoot ever

  • Break up with the key and Jackson. She was so hurt by it. I feel like it really real. Some girls who are so confident in some areas of their life, for some reason they’ll have this block where they’ll choose someone who is toxic to them, and they genuinely love them. It’s a complex that, not all younger girls-thank god, but I know I made it as a younger girl. And I am still making them to some degree. You have to kiss the toads to find the prince! (HR)
  • We have met the prince. (HR)

          Lydia is extremely integral in Stiles’ arc this season (HR)

          Season Centric: (HR)

  • Season 1- Scott
  • Season 2- Allison
  • Season 3- Stiles
  • Season 4- Lydia

          No, she is not adopted, nor is her banshee traits genetic. (HR)

          Her mother might be a banshee (HR)

–          Jeff Davis released that there will be another banshee this season.

          There will be more focus on the Martin Family in S4, which is 12 episodes (HR)

          What the tether is “Like it you tied a rope between two people and one tried to step forward, the other would trip and fall towards their partner” (DOB)

          Suicide is a recurring theme this season (HR)

          Resolution between Peter and Lydia in a comedic Love/hate relationship. “Oh I’ve got to deal with him again” Nothing romantic. Who she seeks out at the beginning of 3B. (HR)

          Derek has it rough this season, but with one break (HR)

          There’s a lot of ‘deep’ Sterek scenes (DOB)

          With the new Japanese mythology, there are a lot of individual strings but in the end they all come together in the end (HR)

          The triangle going on between Scott/Allison/Isaac will come to a conclusion, with big scenes (Crystal Reed)

          Stiles and Aidan are going to have it out over Lydia. There is something unexpected. They set it up in 3B, but they don’t fully answer it. (HR)

          Jeff has written a natural progression to Stydia. (HR)

          The description of their relationship- “Don’t bother me, but I want you to bother me.” (HR)

          There’s a real relationship forming. 3A set the base, 3B definitely friends. (HR)

          The ultimate ship on TW you’ll be pleased. They’re (the writer) going to mess with you but in the end, you’ll be pleased. Like in FRIENDS, you just have to wait. (HR)

          Family Questions will be answered for the McCalls (HR)

          Beacon Hills history connects made to Stiliniski Family (HR)

          Lydia will be sort of inducted into the Stilinski Family as her and the Sheriff help Stiles (HR)

          Chris Argent will get a longer personal history outside of the Argent family. (CR)

          Lydia fits the least into the new Japanese Mythology, while Stiles will the most. (HR)

–          Will Stiles ever get turned? I don’t know (teasingly) (DOB)

          Stiles is “questionably human” (DOB)

          There will be more plot holes filled in. (HR)

          Jeff has become ‘Lost-level’ mind bending (HR)

          We will learn Stiles’ real name this season (DOB)

          You’ll appreciate the ending this season. It’s not exactly scary, it’s just different. (HR)

          Shooting Season 2 was really lonely, because most of my scenes were alone. I would shoot these depressing scenes and then go home and watch a drug show (Breaking Bad.) (HR)

          Main Storyline Characters of Season 3B (most shown)

  • Scott
  • Allison
  • Isaac
  • Stiles
  • Derek
  • Lydia

          Despite the name, we are gaining the respect that our writing deserves in the industry because of the fans. So thank you! (HR)

          I don’t know if a TV show has done what we’re going to do this season. It’s going to get pretty crazy. Something will happen this season that no TV show has even touched, except that the Walking Dead came close to it. Which Teen Wolf is going all out on this. (HR)

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– Kate Clement