Re: “Culinary Media Inspires Hockaday Community” by Megan Philips (Dec. 19, 2013)

Who doesn’t enjoy great food? It is true that Pot Noodle is delicious and handy, but why do we choose to ignore the golden chance to enjoy the art of the cooking process? Why do we choose to forsake our stoves and our culinary potential for the lure of convenience?

It is not because we hate cooking; it is because our penchant for instant food diminishes our patience to prepare food from scratch and blocks the way to develop our latent passion in cooking. Food is a pleasure to be enjoyed, but all too often it’s just sustenance. We need a spark to kindle our inspiration for quality dining. Culinary media, which includes chef shows, recipe websites and cooking films, is an awesome way to ignite gastronomic enthusiasm. It would motivate us to cook delectable food for ourselves, for our families, and for a better fed society.

Imagine how tasty our world will be when it is filled with innovative dishes that are cooked by us, a “Gourmand Generation.” Let’s drop the Pot Noodle and pick up the spatula!

– Dorothy Zhang