The Recognition of Hockaday Lacrosse vs. Hockaday Golf

3 Reasons Why Hockaday Lacrosse Gets More Attention than Hockaday Golf:

  1. Number of players

The size of Hockaday Lacrosse is definitely an enticing factor. The size of the junior varsity and varsity teams provide the opportunity for more people to participate. As well as the larger number more spots, the sizes of the Hockaday Lacrosse teams produce more school attention and create a larger fan base. Although there is no stated cap to the size of the Hockaday golf team, not as many people seem to join golf. There were only six players on the team this season. The size of golf makes it a less attractive sport to support, since you can’t support as many classmates by attending a golf tournament as you can when you watch a lacrosse game.

  1. Speed of the game

It is no secret that lacrosse is faster paced than golf. The sprinting, shooting and scoring of lacrosse make it a more interactive sport and therefore more interesting to watch. Golf is obviously more subdued. It employs more strategy than speed and includes a great deal of walking between holes. These aspects make it less riveting then the more intense sport, lacrosse.

  1. Location of tournaments/games

Most of the golf tournaments take place in Houston over the span of a weekend. This makes it more difficult for the Hockaday community to attend, considering that it requires both a financial and time commitment to support a team that frequently plays four hours away from home. Lacrosse on the other hand, frequently plays at Hockaday in the evening and only requires a one hour time commitment. Lacrosse games have higher attendance rates for these reasons.


3 Reasons Why Hockaday Golf is the More Enduring Sport:

  1. Accessibility

You don’t really see a lot of adults running around on a field playing lacrosse. You do, however, see golf courses everywhere. Golf is a game played around the world, by many different people. For example, businessmen frequently use it as a place to close business deals. Sealing the agreement is a good way to bond with their customers and show off their golf skills.

  1. Physical demand

Lacrosse can really only be played between the ages of six and 26. Not only that, to play lacrosse you must be in shape. Golf, on the other hand, is played by all ages and by people of various levels of physical fitness. This means that by learning golf, you will be able to utilize the skills needed to play the game for a lifetime rather than only a few decades.

  1. Individual sport

You need a team to play lacrosse. That means that you have to assemble twenty-three other people before you even begin playing. With golf, you only need yourself. You can either go to the green to play a whole game, or practice on the driving range. The only things that you need are: yourself, a golf club, and some balls.

Despite the differences in both lacrosse and golf, Hockaday should not favor one over the other. Both of these sports are physically demanding and require skill to play. So, our school needs to support all athletes and athletic teams equally because no matter what sport someone plays, each player deserves recognition and encouragement.

– Vivian Armitage