Hockaday Welcomes New Faces

New faculty members answer our burning questions

Elizabeth Bennett:

Q: If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?

A: This one is hard to answer. I’m going to say vanilla, which is pretty uncomplicated, because I try to break down complex ideas and events so students can understand and learn them more easily.

Howard Hand:

Q: What’s your favorite part about teaching?

A: Learning new things from my students. I’ve taught English to Speakers of Other Languages for many years, and getting international students’ perspectives on a reading or an interpretation of an article is always thought provoking because we Americans tend to think only from our perspective.

John Inerarity:

Q: What is your favorite memory from when you were in High School?

A: Debating. I remember most if not all of the debate rounds I competed in high school. Debate was and is my passion, so I vividly remember my debate rounds more than anything else that happened in high school. I especially forgot what I learned in my math classes.

Alexandra Suarez:

Q: What is your favorite memory from when you were in High School?

A: So many great memories it is really hard to choose just one, but I will have to say that the best part was always being surrounded by amazing friends who are still amongst my favorite people in the world.

Sarah Traphagen:

Q: What has been your favorite part about teaching at Hockaday so far?

A: The overall warm and genuine atmosphere. My colleagues are so thoughtful and caring. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my students as well. I can’t get over the array of green and white saddle shoes everywhere I look. They are so cute. Oh, and lunch, of course.

Chuck Walts:

Q: If you were having a dinner party and you could invite 3 people, living or dead, who would you invite?

A: 1) Len Dawson- QB for the Kansas City Chiefs. I would like to hear stories of the good ol days of Chiefs football 2) Bill Clinton, former President. He’s the first President I voted for and would love to chat with him 3) Kenneth Burke- Rhetorical Theorist. He is my favorite theorist in rhetoric and a legend at dinner parties apparently.