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Hockaday Junior Publishes Second Book

A look at Junior Juliette Turner’s new book, “Our Presidents Rock!”, a sequel to “Our Constitution Rocks!”

Junior Juliette Turner isn’t your average high school student. She is a dancer, singer, honor student and the National Youth Director of Constituting America, an organization dedicated to educating Americans about the Constitution. She also happens to be an expert on the United States Government, and she was a guest on Fox News on Oct. 10, 2013.

And the list doesn’t end there—she has also written and published two books on our government.

Her first book, “Our Constitution Rocks!”, is used by law students around the country, and she’s recently seen the publication of her second book: “Our President’s Rock!”.

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“We are the future generation of our country,” Turner said. “We have to know our history in order to preserve it.”

Juliette first became politically aware at the age of 12 when she read 90 essays written by scholars from around the country on the Constitution. Her passion for politics and affable personality made her a perfect fit for the position of National Youth Director for her mother Janine Turner’s organization, Constituting America.

Janine, who is a published author herself as well as an actress, explained that “[Juliette] became very intrigued with the Constitution. She rewrote the 90 essays in the way she interpreted them, as a kid, and Harper Collins picked it up.”

When “Our Constitution Rocks!” became commercially successful after its publication on Sept. 8, 2012, Barnes and Noble directly requested for another book. Her second book, “Our Presidents Rock!”, was released on Sept. 30, 2014. The style is greatly the same as the first, described as “chock-full” of information by Janine and filled with fun facts to keep readers interested.

“Kids love it because it’s written by a kid,” she added. “And the adults love it because it’s an easy yet informative read.”

Janine, who raised Juliette on her own, knows something about working at a young age: she was modeling in New York by the age of 15 and was in Hollywood by 17. Both Turner women are somewhat of celebrities with Juliette having her book endorsed by prominent political figures Karl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld.

However, her mother doesn’t worry about it getting to Juliette’s head.

“I’ve been in show business my entire life,” Janine said. “It seems much more glamorous than it actually is. [Juliette] is always doing chores and helping me out; there’s a lot to keep her humble.”

Coincidentally, Janine also released her second book on the same day as Juliette, titled “A Little Bit Vulnerable: On Hollywood, God, Sobriety & Politics”.

Upper School Government teacher Kathryn Hodgkinson commented, “it’s a good example of the ambition our girls have…[at Hockaday] we teach independent thinkers and go-getters.”

But life as a published author isn’t easy even for the toughest of the go-getters. With the combined difficulties of marketing and writing her books and completing her school work, Juliette only gets about five hours of sleep a night, if not less; however, she dismisses the struggles as a small price to pay.

“I just love learning about history,” she said. “I think doing the research is the best part about the writing.” Turner writes every single book on her own, and her mother sees them only when they are sent off to publishing.

Juliette’s latest book, “Our Presidents Rock!”, is available for purchase online and anywhere books are sold.

– Amanda Kim – Asst. Photo/Graphics Editor –

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