High Hopes for the First Stuco Lunch Series


The Student Council body for 2015-2016 recently implemented a new initiative to integrate the community and strengthen communication links.

On Wednesday, September 17, students council members, administrators, and members of the student body filtered through the Great Hall during conference and lunch for the new Stuco Lunch Series. This gathering allowed for students to input their ideas, suggestions and comments to the Student Council in a friendly setting.

With goals of strengthening communication links, Assistant Head of Upper School Elizabeth Jones notes that the inspiration for this event came from a paramount goal for the year: communication.

“Their goal this year is to focus on communication so this is one of the ways that they are hoping to achieve that goal by improving and advancing communication through these discussions,” Jones said.

Senior Talia Meidan came to the lunch session simply to input her ideas. Rather than communicating over technology, Meidan was able to meet with Convocations Board Chair, Rayja Atluri.

“I just wanted to come and tell her to bring a Hockaday alum who has written a book to one of our assemblies,” Meidan said.

Although so simple, Vice President of student council Gabria Pearson believes that this new change is a step up from the previous “town hall” scenarios that used to take place during an assembly. Instead of worrying about people agreeing with your idea or being too intimidated to share your ideas, Pearson believes that this more intimate setting is an overall better way to communication.

In addition to communicating ideas, the student council hopes to serves as a better link to the faculty and staff, notes Pearson.

“There has been some disconnect with the administration lately and I feel like the Upper school body does not feel like we are relaying what they want correctly. So I think that this gives them more of a direct link to the administration,” Pearson said.

Although this was the first Stuco lunch session, Jones is hopeful that they will continue into the years to come. However, they must allow time for the new initiative to set in.

“We have talked as a council and one of the things that we have talked about is that it might start small but could grow big but we have to be patient because change takes time. Give it a few years!,” Jones said.  

Look for the date of the next Stuco lunch session over email.

Mary Claire Wilson- Sports and Health Editor