The Fourcast is the official high school student newspaper of The Hockaday School. The name is derived from the school’s Four Cornerstones: Character, Courtesy, Scholarship and Athletics. It is also a pun on the weather “forecast.”

This website is maintained by Web Editor Cheryl Hao and Assistant Web Editor Michelle Chen.

Editor-in-Chief Aurelia Han
Managing Editor Elizabeth Guo
Web Editor Cheryl Hao
JADE Magazine Editor Mary Orsak
Business Manager Morgan Fisher
Social Media Director Cheryl Hao
Copy Editor Ali Hurst
News Editor Katie O’Meara
Features Editor Maria Harrison
Arts & Life Editor Emily Fuller
Sports & Wellness Editor Amelia Brown
Views Editor Shreya Gunukula
Photography & Graphics Editor Kate Woodhouse
Cast-Off Editor Paige Halverson
Video Editor Shreya Gunukula

Staff Writers Charlotte Dross, Ashlye Dullye, Ponette Kim, Sahasra Chigurupati, Shea Duffy, Eliana Goodman, Niamh McKinney, Emily Wu, Eugene Song

Faculty Adviser Ana Rosenthal


The Fourcast is written primarily for students of the Hockaday Upper School, its faculty and staff. The Fourcast has a press run of 1,400 and is printed by Greater Dallas Press. It is distributed free of charge to the Hockaday community. Businesses who wish to advertise in The Fourcast should contact Morgan Fisher, Business Manager, at mfisher@hockaday.org. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising which is deemed inappropriate to the Hockaday community.

Opinions will be clearly marked and/or will appear in the perspectives section. Commentaries are the expressed opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of The Fourcast staff, its adviser or any member of the Hockaday community. Unsigned editorials that appear on the opinions page will reflect the official position of The Fourcast, but not necessarily the position of the Hockaday community.

The Fourcast staff may cover student, staff, faculty or alumnae deaths as the staff is made aware. We reserve the right not to cover a death based on relevance, timeliness and circumstance. Corrections and clarifications from previous issues will be found as designated in the news section.

Any questions or concerns about should be addressed to Aurelia Han, Editor-in-Chief, at ahan@hockaday.org.