Alumnae Find Homes Away from Home At Sororities

//PICTURED ABOVE: Campbell Swango ’18 poses with her Tri Delta sisters at Texas Christian University. Whether it be nightmare stories or life-long friendships that freshmen in college can gain through joining a sorority or...


Celebrities Speak Out About Mental Health: Beneficial or Destructive?

//PICTURED ABOVE: Kanye West at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. West has repeatedly spoken out about his bipolar disorder, and has alluded to his mental health condition in his music. “15+ Celebrities Who Revealed Their...


Junior Celese Gierhart Works On Dallas Youth Commission

As students become invested in politics and current events,they begin thinking about activism.  While a news study by the Associated Press reported that 57% of American teens are pessimistic about our government and its...

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Fourcast Tasty: Quick Healthy Breakfasts

Slept past your alarm but don’t want to substitute your breakfast with unhealthy advisory foods? The Fourcast’s got your back with this recipe video that’ll show you how to make quick breakfasts on the...

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A Tricky “Sip”tuation

Over the past few months, the nation has debated whether or not straws should continue to be used in spite of their ecological damage. In this issue, writers of The Fourcast take a stance...

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Read Between the Lines: Movies With an Agenda

//PICTURED ABOVE: Today, it’s hard to find a movie or T.V. show that doesn’t seem to push a certain agenda, whether it’s obvious or discrete. As viewers, we must learn how to filter out...


A Guide to the Ultimate No-Co Weekend

Story and graphics by Kate Woodhouse Photo provided by Kate Woodhouse, Wikimedia Commons, pexels, goodfreephotos, Flickr user yhhao, pxhere and sphere


In Defense of Standardized Testing

//PICTURED ABOVE: The ACT and SAT are mandatory for most universities in the U.S. From “terrible” to “rigged” to “a complete scam,” in recent years, standardized tests have been described in a plethora of...


Everything You Need to Know About Advisory Food

PICTURED ABOVE // Some of the most popular Upper School advisory foods. Mountains of calorie-packed bags of chips, dozens of glossy plastic cookie containers and several large sacks of popcorn, for breakfast? In a...

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Grand Jury Rattles the Nation

//PICTURED ABOVE: Catholic Churches across the world are recovering from recent priest abuse scandals. The Pennsylvania grand jury report was just the tip of the iceberg. DISCLAIMER: THIS CONTENT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER...