CitySlicker: Pumped for Pasta

Although Tex Mex cuisine permeates Dallas food culture, Italian restaurants rich with history and community are also scattered through the city. Some places, like Jimmy’s Food Store, which has been family-operated since 1966 in Old East Dallas, are known for Italian specialties, deli sandwiches and fresh takeout pasta. Other establishments, like Carbone’s, located between Highland Park and Uptown, are more suitable for fancier dinners. These options range in price and location but are all authentic options for an Italian pasta or meal. The Fourcast celebrated yet another food-related national holiday, National Pasta Day, on Oct. 17.

Photo and story by Niamh McKinney, Staff Writer


Niamh McKinney

Niamh is a senior who likes puppies, chai, triathlons, and having her name pronounced correctly. She stands by the opinion that Love Island UK is better than the Bachelor.

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