CitySlicker: Spring Has Sprung

As vividly colored tulips and peonies pop up around Dallas and allergies thus start to plague the Hockaday hallways, everyone knows that springtime has finally arrived. These dazzling displays scattered around the Dallas area will be sure to convince you that spring truly is the best season. Tired of picking dandelions in the Hockaday sports elds? Take a road trip to Texas Tulips, where you can pick fresh flowers from rows of multicolored tulips. If you prefer to stroll around seemingly endless acres of nature, check out the various exhibits at the Arboretum, or feed ducks at Lakeside Park. Whether you are a lover of nature or not, these owery pit-stops around Dallas will be sure to lift your spirits and add some color to your life. Just make sure you bring some Claritin!

Story and photos by Shea Duffy, Staff Writer


Shea Duffy

Shea is an energetic! junior who peaked at Swiss Semester. She loves sushi, her dogs, Bean and Rice, and chewing on ice (her dentist hates her!) She is always down for a competitive game of Words with Friends.

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