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This years international talent show showcased a variety of culturally inspired dances. During lunch on April 14, students gathered on graduation terrace to enjoy the brief but high energy performances.

In a tight formation with synchronized movements and bright pink shirts, the Chinese III class performed a dance to a popular Chinese pop song known as Xiao Ping Guo or Little Apple. This upbeat dance could stand alone as a full out workout, similar to something taught in a Zumba class.


Ending the talent show with lots of energy, Korea group performed a dance cover of two different K-pop songs. These catchy songs were selected from some of the most popular K- pop songs of 2016. Many girls with an interest in Korean culture and music have joined Korea group to participate in similar performances.


In order to check this off her senior bucket list, Jemma Nazarian performed a traditional Armenian Dance to “Barmani.” Her dance, which was mostly improvised, was inspired by the many Armenian Dances Nazarian has learned from performing at  her church’s annual Armenian festival.  

–  Amelia BrownAsst. Sports and Health Editor – 


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